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It’s been a long 14 years waiting for Jurassic Park IV. Over the years, I would find myself sporadically checking the internet to see if the “development hell” would ever end and wonder if we would finally get to see a new "Jurassic" film. Well now it’s here and the question is: was it worth the wait? HELL YES!!

The Jurassic Park franchise is synonymous with cinema: It's right up there with the likes of Batman, Terminator, Star Wars etc. and the first film is still considered a masterpiece to this day. As long as I can remember, I have been a fan of the film, and the franchise. Even the second and third ones were fun to watch growing up and I still love them.

Jurassic World takes us on a new journey, stepping away from usual JP legends and introduces us to a new cast, whose storylines are just as interesting as the Dinosaurs. In most forms of entertainment, replacing the cast is a bad idea but it really works here and the new characters breathe new life into the film and franchise. Bryce Dallas Howard does a great job as the somewhat Ice Queen-like resort manager, Claire Dearing. Although Pratt's Owen Grady is listed as the main character, it's unquestionable that it is Claire who really goes on an emotional journey in this film and is 'changed' by the end of it. Owen's training of the Velociraptor’s is perhaps the most integral plot in the film and a very well executed one at that! For a change, the Raptors are not painted as the evil predators they usually are but instead portrayed as heroes, characters. The kids, Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins) are a welcome addition as we all love to see young people in Jurassic Park films - fun for all the family (keep an eye on Nick Robinson - not only has he grown up as Ryder on TV’s hilarious Melissa and Joey and starred in the critically acclaimed The Kings of Summer, next year he is set to star in the film adaptation of Rick Yancey's hit novel The 5th Wave! He’s a great actor and is making quite the name for himself!)!

Vincent D'Onofrio once again plays a villain! Although, he never reaches the depths of evil that his Kingpin character descended to in Daredevil he still manages to become an antagonist to the piece and does so very well! Although, looking back on the film, I don't really think he was villainous enough. There were times I felt that he actually made some sense and couldn't figure out if we were supposed to hate him or like him. For being the antagonist to the film (human antagonist - let's face it, we all know who the Dinsoaur antagonist is) he never really comes across as vaillanous, just quite misled. But definitely another well acted role by the brilliant D'Onofrio. Jake Johnson (New Girl) is hilarious yet heartfelt as Lowry as the behind-the-scenes guy with a very big conscience. Lowry is quite similar to Johnson's character in New Girl but that only proves that it's a great comedic role however he is perhaps the character that has the most sense in the whole film.

JAWS: The Indominous Rex
JAWS: The Indominous Rex

So the selling point of the film is basically that the theme park/resort has created a genetically modified Dinosaur (“that’s a very bad idea!”) called the Indominous Rex. It breaks free, kills people and dinosaurs and manages to be responsible for the destruction of Jurassic World. I must say, although it may have sounded like a typical B movie on paper - the final result couldn't be further away from that. One of the reasons for this was because I have never been as afraid of a creature in my life! That thing is scary (admit it, you felt it too!).

However, although you’d think that the Indominous is the star of the piece…that award definitely goes to the Jurassic Park veterans who show up and get involved in the rampage. I’ll let you decide which veteran dinosaur deserves that award! ;)

She's Back: The Legendary T-Rex from Jurassic Park
She's Back: The Legendary T-Rex from Jurassic Park

An explosive storyline that leads to an incredible final sequence.

As a Jurassic Park fan all my life, I had high expectations. But this film exceeded every single one of them. I couldn’t have asked for anything more! The ending scene where the sun rises over Jurassic World is nothing short of majestic!

With amazing graphics, brilliant performances, thrilling sequences and a genius dose of nostalgia (words could not describe the grin on my face when John Williams’ Jurassic Park theme is played for the first time or when Claire opens Paddock 9!) this film has inserted itself at the top as my favourite Jurassic film and one of my all time favourite movies ever!

Strongly deserves it’s place as the current 5th Highest Grossing film ever!

One of the best films of the decade so far!


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