ByBaldwin Collins, writer at
Baldwin Collins

Having a discussion with a panel at Comic-Con San Diego, according to reports, Hugh Jackman mentioned three words - 'old man logan' in conversations devoted to the X-Men Series of films. As most fans like myself know Jackman has worn the claws of the Wolverine in 7 films, and soon be making it 9.

In my opinion, this would be the right direction Hugh and 20th century fox would be ending the franchise with this idea for the trilogy. i like many haven't been reading or seen the Old Man Logan comic books. The history of Old Man Logan is an eight-issue book storyline from the Wolverine series, by mark millar and artist steve mc niven published by Marvel, which started in June 2008 - a story set in a future universe as Earth - 807128.

This story would serve well on Hugh Jackman's side, especially as he himself is aging, he's made the wolverine character his own. What are your opinions on a possible Old Man Logan film ?


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