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Alex Svensek

Ridley Scott's return to the realm of science fiction film after 30 years of absence (his last being Blade Runner) gives us his highly ambitious and anticipated film called Prometheus. It's sort of a "prequel" to original Alien(1979), but filled with it's own original mythology and ideas. Prometheus is a visual marvel with top notch stunning effects and amazing set desing. The story even though it gets somewhat predictable, especially towards the end of the film is filled with philosophical ideas and there is that never ending battle between science and religion that's always present. There are some plot holes which where probably deliberately made and maybe pointing out for future installments. The action scenes are tense and gripping, and overall brilliantly done. The whole cast gives a great and intense performances, especially the Fassbender's potrayal of the android David which i think is Oscar worthy and Noomi Rapace as leading archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw which remind us of continuing the tradition of strong female characters like the Sigourney Weaver's one in Alien and it's sequels. All aroud Prometheus certainly doesn't disappoint especially if your a sci-fi fan. Of course the story could be more in depth through out, but it's the questions that story raises even though it doesn't provide us with any answers, which i personally believe makes the all experience that much more intriguing. It's one of those films that you will either love or hate.


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