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Alex Svensek

Alfonso Cuarón's masterfully directed space epic drama film Gravity is one of the most jaw-dropping and spectacular film experiences ever made. Watching this film in 3D makes you feel as if you're floating through space in a way no other film has accomplished before. The film is so realistic and breathtaking it's like it was shot in space for real. It's definitely among the finest portrayals of space travel in history of cinema. Groundbreaking technology was created to make Gravity possible and while the film is heavy on special effects and stunning visuals at the end of the day it is a testament to the human spirit and a tense tale about the power of the survival instinct. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are simply sensational. This is Bullock's strongest performance to date and will sure earn her a second Oscar nomination. George Clooney’s supporting character serves as an important component in the film, he's an anchor, a source of security and stability that helps Bullock's character to find her inner strength to overcome this crisic that left these two characters completely alone in the terrifying vastness of space. But above all he helps our main character to overcome her inner crisis that has left her life empty due to a tragedy in the past. Everything in this film from direction, screenplay, acting, Emmanuel Lubezki's cinematography, production design, visual effects, use of 3D and musical score from Steven Price deserves much praise. Kudos to every single person involved in bringing this masterwork to life.


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