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After watching the first trailer for the new Ryan Murphy creation 'Scream Queens', there are a few things that stand out and need to be discussed.

The trailer opens up with this scene and the -very deliberate- following words:

Given the frame we can’t really get a good close-up of what’s in the girl’s arms, but it definitely looks like she’s holding a baby and the dead girl in the tub -most likely the mother or so we assume- only has blood stains on the bottom of her dress. Plus, if you pause the video you can see there’s something hanging from the side of the tub that appears to be the umbilical cord (I know, sort of gross).

So, did she die giving birth? All signs point to yes, but where would the mystery be in that? Indeed, why would anyone seek revenge if she died giving birth and was no one’s fault? Why does the Red Devil killer think that Kappa is to blame for it? Something is missing, but I guess we’ll get our answers once the show premieres.

All that being said, there’s a very real possibility that Skyler Samuels’ Grace is that baby, now a grown-up about to join Kappa to feel close to the mother she never got to know, since she was once a pledge too. Oliver Hudson’s character Wes is her father, so he would know about the circumstances surrounding the mother’s death and that’s why he doesn’t want Grace to join the sorority. This would also make him look like one of the most obvious suspects, but it's easy to imagine that as the show goes on everyone will become an obvious suspect.

What do you think?


Is Skyler Samuels' Grace the key to solving the Red Devil mystery?


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