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Anyone who attended San Diego Comic-Con this year got a treat when Stephen Amell (who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow) came out and gave a lot of hints of what is to come on season 4 of his hit CW show. Amell came out donned in a new costume which resembled the one from the comics a lot more.

Stephen Amell at Comic-Con
Stephen Amell at Comic-Con

Now there are going to be some brief spoilers from season 3 of Arrow coming up so read at your own risk.

Season 3 ended with Oliver retiring as the Arrow and ran away with Felicity, leaving Starling City in the hands of Thea, Diggle, and Laurel/Black Canary.

Now we all pretty much knew that Oliver would have to return, but this was just more confirmation. Aside from a new costume, during the speech (which was in character by the way) Amell referred to himself as the GREEN Arrow. He also said he was returning to save Star City, even reinforcing by saying, "Not Starling City, STAR City." This shows that we are going to be getting a lot closer to the Green Arrow of the comics that we all love come season 4. Check out the video of Amell's presentation at SDCC.

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