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I'm a big time gamer, I love everything from Borderlands to Madden and everything in between. I often think about what if Video Games were movies and that always leads to who would play the characters. Here is a list of 10 random characters if they were in movies and who would play them.

10. (Uncharted) Nathan Drake- Colin Donnell:

Colin was amazing as Tommy on Arrow, that alone made me a big fan. Now I'd like to see him play a more physically demanding role. If you combine his charisma as Tommy with his looks then we'd have a great Nathan Drake on our hands.

9. (Borderlands) Lilith- Emma Stone:

A lot of people say Emma is a bad actress, but she is one of my personal favorites. She was amazing as Gwen and hilarious as her character from Easy A. She would be my top pick to play Lilith. I feel like she could show just how beautiful, yet badass she is.

8. (The Last of Us) Joel- Hugh Jackman:

Hugh can play sad, mad, hurt, and sarcastic. He's an amazing actor and could do this role justice. He looks very similar to Joel from the game and he has the chops, I'd love to see him play a live-action Joel.

7. (Army of Two) Elliot Salem- Bradley Cooper:

He's cocky, cool, and badass. What else do you need in an actor to play Elliot Salem. That's all there really is to say, Cooper is a terrific actor and he could knock this role out of the park.

6. (Mortal Combat) Sonya Blade- Abbie Cornish:

She is incredibly gorgeous, just like Sonya from Mortal Kombat, and if you've seen Sucker Punch you know she can handle the fighting. She could absolutely do this role justice.

5. (Red Dead Redemption) John Marston- Anson Mount:

He looks so badass in the AMC series, 'Hell on Wheels.' John Marston is an older gentlemen with a kick ass grizzled look. That encapsulates Anson as an actor and he could do so incredibly well in a role like Marston's.

4. (Mirror's Edge) Faith- Rinko Kikuchi:

Her performance in Pacific Rim gave me such a strong vibe of Faith from Mirror's Edge, I believe she could destroy this role and I'd love to see it happen.

3. (Final Fantasy) Tifa Lockhart- Emily Browning:

Emily Browning is so damn beautiful and looks a fair amount like Tifa. She was amazing in Sucker Punch, and I believe she could carry a role like Tifa's on her shoulders.

2. (Half Life) Gordon Freeman- Hugh Laurie:

What could I possibly say about Hugh Laurie? He's magnificent as House. He plays a smart, sardonic doctor with a problem with humanity. If he could bring that smart vibe to a Half Life movie, it could be a hit. Also, since Gordon Freeman is a silent protagonist, Hugh could take a sarcastic twist with him with the writing. He could also make him his very own character.

1. (Bioshock: Infinite) Elizabeth- Alexis Bledel:

She's in her 30's but she can easily pass as a 19 year old girl. She looks eerily similar to the character and has acting chops off the charts. She was fantastic in Tuck Everlasting and Sin City. She could pull off this role and look damn good doing it.

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Tell me who your favorite was or which characters I should cast next!


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