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With only Daredevil as its closest competition, The Flash was the biggest superhero surprise of the last year's television season. The show led by Greg Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns, was fearless in its gung-ho approach to adapting its comic book conventions. Along with a believable dose of drama, humor, and heart, the series is in an unique position of going in almost any direction and its audience should be along for the ride. There is a huge selection of characters, scenarios, and storylines from The Flash's vast history to pull from and during San Diego Comic-Con, some of the plans for Season 2 were revealed.

Zoom, also known as Hunter Zolomon, was revealed to be one of the major antagonists for the second season. Zoom is also a speedster like the Reverse Flash, and was described by Kreisberg as being even faster than Barry Allen. In his comic book origin, Zolomon had a much more tragic upbringing than Eobard Thawne. Zolomon is the son of a serial killer, who had multiple traumatic experiences which shaped his villainous future. Some elements of the character could be seen in Thawne on the show, so it will be interesting to see how he is integrated into the show.

The romance between Barry and Iris will be on hold after the tragic death of Eddie, so expect Barry to pursue other romances, while Iris will get to contribute to the show in other ways. It sounds as if her investigative skills will come to the forefront, while it was also reiterated that Wally West would be joining the show at some point. Given the family name, it sounds as if there will be a new dynamic for the show altogether.

Fans thought that the helmet that popped out of the time stream in the season finale belonging to Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, was nothing more than a tip of the hat to comic book fans. It turns out that it was more than an Easter egg, it is a full on plot point and the character will be visited during the season. This means that alternate timelines, dimensions, and the notion of the DC Comics' multiverse will be explored on the show in its second season. Those are high concepts for even comic book fans to grasp, so it will be fascinating how the writing staff makes the storyline easy to follow for casual viewers.

Take a look at the entire panel for the The Flash. They have already started filming, so you can feel the energy from the cast. They seem genuinely excited about the direction of the show:

The Flash returns to the CW network for Season 2 this fall.

The Flash: back in Fall
The Flash: back in Fall

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