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...the movie ended and every single person sprinted out of that theater like it was on fire. I have never been to a movie where I have been so incredibly shocked and frightened that my first instinct was to run out, until The Gallows.

This movie makes me proud to be such a fond lover of this genre. New, incredible steps were made in the found footage films thanks to Blumhouse. I'm not sure that I can find one single reason for anyone not to see this movie. If you are looking for a fun time, see it. If you are looking to get scared shitless, see it. If you are looking to see an original, fresh horror film, see it.

This film has everything you're looking for in an extraordinary movie. I would go as far as to recommend this to people who are not even fond of the horror genre, because it is such a clean and well-delivered movie. The whole time you'll be either on the edge of your seat or under your seat (whatever helps you sleep at night, literally).

This is also the first horror movie that I've been put in the situation to be both for and against the antagonist. The story and the horror of the protagonists' situation are constantly being interlaced, where you, as a neutral viewer, are constantly switching sides.

*For you Thespians

This is it. It's finally time they made a horror movie for us; or better yet, about us. Without giving to much away, the film ACCURATELY depicts theatrical passion in the most horrifying way.

The Gallows, a 'Crucible-like" piece of theater was first put on at Beatrice High School in 1993.

Here's what happened:

Following this horrifying opening clip, we get to see what happens when this play is put on in the same high school with the same exact set twenty years later. Let's just say, not much has changed other than it's one-hundred times more horrifying.

This shit is genius. Leave it to Blumhouse to make good quality horror that makes you want a sequel. The only reason I'm giving this a 9.9 is because I'm pretty damn sure I pissed myself a little bit. So here's a little "fuck you" / -.1 for you Blumhouse. Thanks for making me feel like a child who's scared of the boogyman again (seriously).

Please see this film; You will be jumping, laughing, screaming, (possibly tearing up), and in my case, pissing your pants.


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