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Comedy (and now action) director Paul Feig is back at it again with his newest movie Spy. Spy is definitely the most funny spy/mission movie out there and there is actually some very entertaining action in it. Both categories are handled expertly and by the time the movie finished it had exceeded my expectations.

Paul Feig is a natural comedy director and there is no shortage of comedy in this movie. It leaves plenty of room for action but the comedy is ramped up and ready to roll right when the movie starts. Melissa McCarthy is a natural comedic actress and she is certainly funny in this movie but surprisingly, Jason Statham was actually the funniest person in this movie. His character is almost a spoof on his previous movie characters because he always plays badass, serious men. In Spy he plays a over the top version of himself which is hilarious. Statham really nails it on this one. The supporting cast is not only funny but also extremely well chosen by the casting directors.

The story/plot is actually quite generic but considering that this is a comedy movie it almost makes it seems like a spoof of classic spy movies. Basically, McCarthy's character has to go undercover to find a nuclear bomb and stop bad people from using it to blow up the world. A small gripe I have was that the movie dragged on just a little to long especially in the third act. It's all made funny and entertaining though, with the barrage of comedic relief and action that is present in the whole movie.

Surprisingly, the action in this movie is really well done. I was expecting this to be more focused on the comedy and the action would be toned down, but instead there was very enjoyable action throughout the movie. From intense (and silly) car/scooter chases to (silly) gun shootouts, this movie packed in quite a bit of action.

In the end, Spy had a great humor and a nearly perfect cast. The plot was generic but still fun and the action was extremely entertaining. My expectations were certainly blown away by this hilarious summer action movie.


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