ByJamie A. Duncan, writer at

No, not that^

We're all pretty sure by now that this is a dream sequence, the imagery an homage to Red Son.

No, what's this?

The new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer came out yesterday and rabid fans are scouring the images for clues. This looks to be the Batcave in the context of the surrounding images (although that could be inventive editing). It probably is, though.

And in the Batcave, what is this?

Blurry, yes. It's blown up from the earlier screen shot: a gold and...darker color suit on display. Who is it? Reverse Flash? Booster Gold?

Maybe Batman killed Wolverine and we finally get to see the black and yellow suit Fox Studios refuses to show us?

What do you think?

Jamie Duncan is the author of the forthcoming fantasy series, Fire of Norea.


Whose suit is in the Batcave in the new trailer?


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