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Mortals of Midgard. I will answer any question you present, may it be unusual, random, or any kind you wish to ask. Being the God of mischief and Lies, i am fully capable of telling the truth.

Q: I ask you, my king, how is Fenrir? I do miss him

A: my son fares very well love. he does not stay long in the Asguardian walls and is very distant sometimes, but it is always pleasant to see him.

Q: Have you ever taken a selfie of your gorgeous face?

A: i have actually. Thor had recently learned how to use what you all call a phone, that he has been practicing from the mortal, Jane. i secretly had 'borrowed' it to see why i always see mortals on then all the time, and i might have pressed something particular because i had looked down to see myself, in this...freeze stare, but i realized it was a picture of myself. I am still trying to figure out how Mortals have been taking picture of me. They are flooding the internet and i was un- aware of this. how do they get so close to me without my detection.

Q: Have you met the Ghost Rider? :3

A: I have not, but i have indeed heard a lot about him. I very much would like to meet him for i have heard of

Q: If we were trapped in a cell and hadn't eaten anything for two day plus your powers were getting would you eat me but still keep me alive.

A: even though i do not eat Mortals flesh i would probably do so if i was starving enough, however, if i had a love interest in you i would allow myself to starve longer for i wish not to harm you, even though i keep you alive.

Q: What would you do if you met the Ghost Rider? Do you think he would kill you? Or most probably try to. XD

A: probably like an other person would do when he finds another powerful villain would try to make allies with him. he would probably try to kill me, if he finds me...guilty. suppose he might try to kill me, considering that some say, i have spilled innocent blood of Mortals.

Q: Have you ever had a hangover?

A: I was very close to having one. And that is saying quite a lot considering i have a higher capacity than Mortals. Asgard's celebrations go all out with all kinds of drinks, and i was foolish enough to go over, but not enough to get a 'hangover'.


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