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Henry Starling Jr.

Book Of Death: Legends of The Geomancer

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Penciler: Juan Jose Ryp

Colors: Jordi Bellaire

Cover: Marguerite Sauvage

Valiant Entertainment

Part One: The Temple

The beginning. Before written history. Civilization is beginning. There are thing about this Earth that we, as a species, that we were just beginning to understand. And what we don't understand, we kill. Tis the nature of man. Or, at least, most men. One man in particular saw good in what was considered evil.

Fred Van Lente starts us on a journey through the ages. This issue should be picked up as it does not involve only the title character, but another long lived hero, early in his own journey. He let's us know, very quickly, what our title character has been dealing with. The danger is real and her "power" is equally as real. Van Lente does an excellent job in this area.

Juan Jose Ryp's art syle sets this apart from anything that I have read from Valiant in recent memory. Tons of details are relevant in art style that plays out well in this issue.

Jordi Bellaire does a great job of complimenting Juans pencils. Vibrant backgrounds, bold offsetting colors. It was a joy to look at.

And now we come to the cover. Marguerite does a fantastic job of showcasing the current geomancer, being rooted to such a history. Bright bold colors will make this an easy sale for retailers

Overall, this is worth convincing your LCS to order The Book of Death. You may regret missing out on this.

Rating: 5/5


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