ByJohn Joseph Donald Rivet, writer at

When Marvel and Sony reached an agreement with the Spider-Man characters, fans were excited everywhere as this finally meant we’d get to see Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now fans will be even more thankful because Sony and Avi Arad, along with Marc Webb had a crazy idea for the third film in the franchise.

"I was part of the franchise, I briefly came back for 2. Part of the discussion was that possibly in 3, there was this idea, at one point, Spider-Man would be able to take this formula and regenerate the people in his life that had died," Leary told IGN. "So there was this discussion that Captain Stacy would come back even bigger in episode 3."

The fact that Sony was going to go through with this should tell you that at that point in time, they didn’t really have an idea on where to take the franchise. Now I really enjoyed the first The Amazing Spider-Man film and thought the second one was okay, but I believe that this would have killed the franchise for good. People were already upset with the second film in the franchise and this would of just made things much worse for Sony, bringing back people from the dead is not exactly something that should be in a Spider-Man film.


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