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13. A Sequel with or without Joel and/or Ellie won't really affect the impact the first one had.

For those of you who are afraid that a sequel would "ruin the first one", no matter how good or bad The Last of Us 2 is, The Last of Us still exists and you can always go back to it, and get the same feeling as always. A sequel might ruin the Last Of Us franchise, but not the first game.

For example, the sequel to American Psycho was a terrible movie, but that doesn't make me like the first one any less.

12. The DLC was good

The Last Of Us Left Behind was a great DLC, even winning some Game of the Year awards.

Left Behind shows the story of Ellie and her friend Riley, sneaking out to explore an abandoned mall, only to get bit by the infected, leading to Riley's tragic demise. this is a story we could have just imagined ourselves as Ellie tells us that that's what happened in the end of the game.

The Left Behind DLC however, shows us that getting enough hints to what happened that we can connect the dots, is a lot different from actually experiencing a story, playing through it, and actually experiencing it yourself.

The DLC shows us more about Ellie and her world, and instead of taking away the impact of the full game, it actually adds to it, we are better able to understand what Ellie is going through now that we have seen her loss first hand, and it makes her adventure with Joel that much more meaningful.

11. Joel and Ellie (Ellie more so than Joel) are very well liked characters that many would love to see come back

If you look at the reviews of The Last Of Us, one thing most seem to agree on, is how much they like the two main characters, especially Ellie. the reviews often say things like, "and that's why she's in the front of the cover" or "I'm itching to play as Ellie again".

Ellie is such a well written and likable character, it would be a shame to never see her again.

10. The Last Of Us is about Joel and Ellie, not a post pandemic world

some people seem to think that The Last Of Us, is about a post pandemic world, and Joel and Ellie are meant to be our windows to this post pandemic world, when really it's the opposite. The Last Of Us is the story of two people (Joel and Ellie) on a journey as they build this unbreakable bond, and learn to accept one another as family, in a post pandemic world, were either one of them can die at any time.

9. Story and characters, vs gameplay and world

A game like Grand Theft Auto, can have different characters and settings because, while GTA does have a good story, it's really more about the gameplay, and exploring the world. Were as The Last Of Us, while it does have great gameplay, is far more story driven. The entire time playing The Last Of Us, is devoted to getting to know it's characters, and understanding them, and what they go though, while it may be cool to see the zombie apocalypse in other parts of the world, The Last Of Us already has it's story and characters, and while from a gameplay perspective a Last Of Us game in Europe could be cool, but The Last Of Us, is not like Dead Rising, or Fallout, which are more based on their gameplay and their world, The Last Of Us is a heavily story driven game, and from a story telling perspective, a sequel should expand on it's story and characters, rather than replace them.

And if you really want to see what a zombie apocalypse in Europe would be like, just watch the movie 28 days later.

8. A Last Of Us game without Joel and/or Ellie would not feel like a Last Of Us game

Yeah we all want to return to the world of The Last Of Us, but do we really? when most people want to return to the "world" of something, weather it's Star wars, the Terminator, Mario, The Walking Dead, The Avengers, or even The Last Of Us, what we really want, is to return to it's characters.

And I'm about to tell you something, that may shock you, but the world of The Last Of Us, while very well designed, is not that unique. In fact, if you take out Joel and Ellie and their beautiful story, the world of The Last Of Us is pretty much identical to that of The Walking Dead. Sure The Last Of Us, gives us a dark gritty look at humanity, zombies, and to what lengths we will go to, to survive, and to protect those we care about, but so does the walking dead. The reason I like The Last Of Us better than the Walking Dead, is it's characters, without them, I might as well save $60 and just watch the next season of The Walking Dead, and get the same message.

7. The Last Of Us should end with Joel and Ellie

so this is how it ends, huh
so this is how it ends, huh

I'm not saying Naughty Dog can't make a good story with all new characters, but if Joel and Ellie's story really is finished, they should use this opportunity to make something totally new.

For example, we have yet to see anyone make a really good Jurassic Park/ world game.

Wouldn't it be awesome to see a company like Naughty Dog, make a game of Jurassic Park. have the same survival horror elements of The Last Of Us, but in Jurassic Park, or something else, that's just an example. point is, if The Last Of Us is done, don't force a sequel, and don't make all new characters just so you can make a sequel.

6. New characters would seem forced.

If The Last Of Us is done, let it be done. The Last of Us, is as much Joel and Ellie's story, as Uncharted (another Naughty Dog game) is Nathan Drake's story. I cringe every time I hear someone say "they could make a totally different story... but in the same universe". In the same universe is a really cheap way to slap the name of something successful, on something that has nothing to do with the original. It's like "we couldn't continue the story, but we need a sequel, so let's just make a new story and say it's in the same universe". Like I said, I would prefer Naughty Dog makes something totally new, rather than to return to the world without the characters that made the game so great.

5. The Last Of Us, would make a great trilogy

I would love to see a Last Of Us trilogy, and a good trilogy should be thee chapters of one big story, like Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings, or the Dark Knight. Three separate stories, doesn't make a good trilogy. Once you get to the final chapter it needs to feel like the final chapter, not just another persons story.

The Last Of Us, would make a good stand alone title, but a trilogy would be just as good and as memorable as one stand alone title can be. Naughty Dog does have good history with trilogies, and continuing the story of the same character through each game. Just look at what they did with Nathan Drake, in the Uncharted series

Nathan Drake is a character who's story was told extremely well. none of the Uncharted games felt forced, or unnecessary, each one gave us a little bit more of Nathan Drakes story, I think a company like Naughty Dog, will give the same love and respect, to Ellie as they did with Nathan Drake

4. I don't see how continuing Joel and Ellie's story would make you draw comparisons to the original

some people say "If they continue Joel and Ellie's story, I would just be comparing it to the original the whole time" OK so this it one of the stupidest things I have ever heard in my life!

whenever someone makes that argument
whenever someone makes that argument

I can go on and on about how dumb that is. First of all, what are you comparing? Joel and Ellie to, Joel and Ellie? their the same characters! there's nothing to compare. sure in a sequel, Ellie may be a little older, and a little wiser, and Joel may become a little more calm, and more open, but that's called character development and it's supposed to be there.

You don't watch The Dark Knight, and constantly draw comparisons to Batman Begins, do you? no of course you don't, because it's the next chapter of the same story.

Secondly, won't you be drawing more comparisons if you got different characters? wont you be comparing the new characters to the old ones?

once wasn't enough
once wasn't enough

And if you want a fresh new experience, why don't you just play a different game?!?!

3. Joel and Ellie both have more to be told

Less may be more, when your talking about something like the shark in Jaws, but The Last Of Us has a 20 year long gap in it's story, and a lot of unanswered questions about both Joel and Ellie.

You could say they give us enough clues to piece the story together, but like I said before, piecing a story together in your mind, is not quite the same as actually experiencing the story first hand.

Joel lied to Ellie, but Ellie doesn't quite believe him, and she may find out sooner or later. the sequel could build the tension between the two, as Ellie slowly finds out the truth.

Even Troy Baker, you know, the guy who plays Joel, says that Joel has more story to be told "between the prologue, and were the game picks up, you see a totally different guy"

2. We could see more of Tommy's village

About half way through the game, you come across Joel's brother Tommy, who has built an entire society. This society is were Joel and Ellie end up in the end of the game. Tommy's society is the one thing you never see that much of in the game.

Continuing Joel and Ellie's story would be a great opportunity to explore this new society Tommy has built. we could see Joel and Ellie try to adjust to a somewhat normal life. Maybe the other inhabitants of the village don't trust them, and the game could build tension that way. Perhaps the village isn't the peaceful place we were meant to believe, after all, in the world of The Last Of Us, things aren't always what they appear to be. I'm sure many stories could be told in that village, I'm sure it also has a lot of different, and interesting characters that we have not seen yet. Tommy's village is the one place we have not gotten a good look at, we assume it's just some peaceful place, but we don't know that, and as I said, in the world of The Last Of Us, things aren't always what they seem.

1. Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, will still deliver an amazing performance, as Joel and Ellie

The biggest thing that made The Last Of Us work so well, is Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson's performances as Joel and Ellie.

both actors have expressed a great desire to reprise their roles, and both actors have also expressed their faith in Naughty Dog, and love for video games.

Being as passionate about their roles as they are, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, would undoubtedly give just as beautiful, and tear jerking, of a performance, as they did in the first game.

Their performance was a huge part, in making The Last Of Us a master piece, and would, without a doubt, make the second game just as memorable as the first.


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