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Just recently, fans got a first look at Jason Todd's 'Robin' costume in the newest trailer of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). The new Robin suit seems to be a representation of the Batman suit, if you take a look at the style.

Every DC fan knows that the original Robin costume didn't look so dark, it was actually a bit colorful, with green, red, yellow, and black! In other later versions, the suit was changed to just only red, yellow, and black, without the green. This suit could either be meant to be dark like it is now, or maybe it's just burnt from when the Joker killed him, nothing has been said yet.

Fans may or may not get a chance to see the Robin costume on-screen, and see it in it's original version. Well...there's something called coloring! Since DC isn't planning on making the Robin costume with the original colors, someone decided to do a little editing to the first look of the Robin suit, and has bestowed something truly amazing!

Before you see the colored version of the latest Robin suit, check out the original suit that it's based off of first, then see the first look at the costume in the trailer! Just so you can do a little comparison!

This is known to be the original classic Robin costume, with all the right colors! Also, this is the first time Jason ever put on the costume in the first place!

Now, let's see the first look at Jason Todd's suit in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

The new Robin suit shows a lot of characteristics similar to the Batman suit, not only in the color, but especially in the gloves. Even the cape looks similar to Batman's!

The 'R' on the suit looks to have a bit of a dark yellow in it (other than the Joker's graffiti). Of course, the darkness of the costume would make it easier for him to lurk around in the shadows and stay hidden in certain situations, which makes a lot of sense, but then again maybe this suit is just burnt, because of the Joker.

Finally! Now, here's the edited version of the latest Robin costume in color which make's everything look even more awesome!

Just take a few seconds, and imagine seeing this on the big screen, in action...lots of action.

The red in the main body of the suit, the yellow in the belt, and the dark green in the gloves and cape, now this is the real Robin suit that should be on-screen! This is the Boy Wonder that fans have been waiting for!

This is only just a colored version of the suit, nothing official. The Robin suit is still awesome as it is now, but it would have been more awesome colored!

What do you think about Robin's new costume?

Poor Bruce.
Poor Bruce.

Would Robin's costume have been better if it was colored, or not? Was the suit purposely meant to be dark, or is it burnt? Comment down below!

Check out the newest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer right here!

This upcoming film flies into theaters March 25, 2016.


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