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The Flash had an amazing season 1 finale with a huge cliffhanger that left so many people wondering what the next season would bring. And after the comic con panel, we got some new, exciting details on the new season.

"Your wife must die"
"Your wife must die"

Zoom is the main villain of season 2

I really didn't expect them to bring Zoom into the fold so quickly because in the comics Zoom was Hunter Zolomon and, was associated more with the Wally West Flash. It will be interesting to see how Zoom will be portrayed and what his back story will be. In the comics, Hunter Zolomon is injured in an attack by Gorilla Grodd in Iron Heights, which left him partially paralyzed. He then asked Wally to use the cosmic treadmill to prevent it form happening. Wally, however, refused, as he didn't want to mess up the timestream. Zolomon attempted to use the cosmic treadmill himself and an explosion occurred, which shifted Zolomon's connection to time. This allowed him to alter the speed at which he could move in time, basically giving him super speed. Zolomon decided that if he became the new Zoom and caused a great tragedy in Wally's life, this would help the Flash become a better hero. However, I'm not so certain that what happened in the comics will happen on the show. No details have been given about what drives him to become Zoom or if he will actually be Hunter Zolomon. There are several theories already floating around that he may be from Earth-2, and could be the Earth-2 Eddie Thawne or Eobard Thawne. Zoom has been described by Andrew Kreisberg as “faster than The Flash, and faster than Reverse-Flash". It seems Barry is going to have his hands full next season, and may need help from other heroes (and maybe villains) to stop the big bad

Barry Allen is in a dark place

Although, we don't get many details on what happened in the aftermath of the big singularity in the sky, when Season 2 of the Flash starts, The Flash is a hero for people in Central City. The Flash is getting lots of praise but Barry Allen feels he doesn't deserve it. Eddie was the real hero in Barry's eyes, because he stopped Eobard from killing Barry and the rest of his friends. Another reason will be because of the effect Harrison Wells had on Barry. Barry trusted Wells and to be betrayed by him to such a large degree changed Barry as a person. As Andy Kresiberg put it, “Barry is going to be struggling with, how does he get his sense of trust back”. Joe and Iris will be working to getting the old Barry back. In the sizzle reel, we hear him wishing he saved his mother. This season might show him regretting his decision and may be in a future season, we will see him save his mother, and create the flashpoint paradox. It has also been reported that Barry will get a new mentor (please be Jay Garrick), who will help him find new ways to use his powers. Hopefully we see Barry back to his old self soon. Grant Gustin offered some hopeful details as he said that Barry will mature over the course of this season, and really kind of start to become the hero the city is treating him as.

Jay Garrick is coming in Season 2

Many people thought Jay Garrick would be coming ever since the appearance of his ol' metal hat, and I couldn't be happier that wasn't just an easter egg. Thats the great thing about the Flash, they really know how to please their fans. In the comics, Jason Garrick was a college student, who inhaled hard water vapour. This caused him to gain super speed, which he used to fight crime as the Flash. Jay Garrick is from Earth-2, a parallel world, while Barry is from Earth-1. It hasn't been officially addressed how they would interact with each other, but I feel like that would be addressed early on in the season, because the producers have stated that more characters from Earth-2 would also be coming onto the show.

Teddy Sears (from Masters of Sex) has been cast for the role of Jay Garrick. The description for Garrick's character is: Jay is a mysterious figure who arrives in Central City to warn Barry Allen and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs of an impending danger that he alone cannot hope to stop. Sounds interesting, can't wait to see Jay Garrick in live action!

Shantel VanSanten is Patty Spivot

For those of you, who don't know who Patty Spivot is, you are in the majority as Patty has been a recent addition into the Flash comic book mythos. Her role on the show is as a love interest for Barry Allen. She has a position in the Central City Police Department as a police officer and new partner for Joe West. It is reported that she will also have feelings for Barry Allen.

The Flash isn't the only hero with super speed this season

Wally West is here and I couldn't be more excited. Although no actors have been revealed just yet, we know he will probably be of African-American descent due to Iris and Joe also being of African-American descent. Wally West is the nephew of Iris and a future flash. In the comics, the accident, which gave Barry powers, happened again, with Wally. Thus producing Barry's sidekick, the Kid Flash. I don't really see Harrison Wells building another Particle Accelerator in Season 2, so we don't really know just what will give Wally his powers, if he indeed does get his powers this season. It might just be the singularity? We don't know, but I'm really excited to find out. Another thing different from the comics will probably be Wally's and Iris' relationship. This is just a guess, but I feel like they might make Wally a cousin instead of her nephew, just so that Wally isn't too young. Maybe he could get a little more acquainted with Linda Park, who is his girlfriend in the comics. But still, very excited for the appearance of Wally. If Wally is even close to his character in Justice League, Justice League Unlimited or Young Justice, it would truly be an incredible addition to Team Flash

Team Flash is changing

Iris West

This season, Iris will be a bigger part of Team Flash and Candice Patton has said that Iris will use her “ability to work more in the streets and with people, that’s where she’s very talented". While working with Star Labs, she will also have to work through the loss of her boyfriend.

Harrison Wells

Tom Cavanagh is coming back this season! But no real details on who he is playing and what his role will be, has been revealed.

Caitlin Snow

No real information has been released on Caitlin except that Killer Frost may be in a future. After that glimpse of her in the finale, I see her becoming Killer Frost this season or next season. In the Flash sizzle reel, we heard her saying she might be leaving the Team.

Cisco Ramon

Last season, Eobard revealed that Cisco was affected by the particle accelerator and that he was in fact a metahuman. Carlos Valdes has said that Cisco will have some more darker moments, this season, and hints that Cisco will deal with more loss soon

Eddie Thawne (theories)

I want to state that this is just a theory. I still feel like Eddie Thawne is going to come back eventually. I feel like he is based on Malcolm Thawne. For those who don't know who that is:

Malcolm Thawne was Barry's twin brother, who was given to another family by the drunk doctor overseeing the births. The baby of the Thawne Family was strangled on its own umbilical cord. The drunk doctor wanted to be fair, so gave one of Nora Allen's children to the Thawne Family and claimed that their child had been stillborn. Malcolm found out he was adopted and wanted to meet his brother. Also when he found out he was adopted, he went and killed the drunk doctor. Upon learning that his brother was a member of the police department, he took a role as a janitor to spy on him. He started to hate Barry and felt all the things Barry got, was what he should have gotten. He then went to his adoptive grandmother and asked her to teach him about the blue flame, which is a power all the Thawne's had (except Malcolm). Before this, Malcolm had been taunted and bullied by his other family members, because he couldn't use the blue flame. She taught to him direct his anger towards Barry Allen into a blue flame talisman , which he could draw his power from. The blue flame could be used to steal anything the wielder desired. For example, Malcolm could steal super speed and become a speedster. He then took up the name, "Cobalt Blue".

Eddie, however, seems to be genuine in his relationship to Barry, so I think it is supposed to be a nicer, better, heroic Malcolm Thawne, who is probably not related to Barry. Now the reasons I feel like Eddie will come back:

1)Eddie was wearing a talisman looking necklace

Sorry for the bad quality
Sorry for the bad quality

I feel like that might just be a blue flame talisman, that has special powers and give the wielder anything he desires. Funny, he wanted to be Iris' hero and he eventually did. I'm not sure if we see the necklace in any previous episodes.

2)The Time Sphere contained a Cobalt resin

When Cisco asked Harrison a question, Harrison said that the time sphere wouldn't explode if they cemented the tiles with a Cobalt resin. I feel like that was said on purpose and that's why they mentioned it. Another important thing to note is that both Eddie and the TIme sphere were pulled into the singularity together

3)The Fight between the Reverse Flash and Barry

In the background, if you watch the scene, you see red and blue lightning. Those are the lightning from speedsters. I theorize that the lightning is from Eddie fighting a Reverse Flash. Barry isn't present as there is no yellow lightning. I feel like the lightning was blue for a reason. However, this could also be due to Jay Garrick, Wally West or Zoom, all of whom, we don't know what colour lightning they have.

Hope you'll liked my article and please leave comments if you have any questions. Thank you!


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