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So I hear some trailers got released at Comic-Con over the weekend but WHATEVER! My Netflixsubscription is still going strong, and there's a bunch of stuff ready to watch in its entirety! I know right? Stuff you can just sit and watch without having to speculate and pine for afterwards! There's a good mix of classic favorites, and recent titles you might have missed, so let's dive in to the new releases. It's time for another round-up of all the New Releases on Netflix for July 2015!

The Expendables 3

Okay so all these guys have been brought back from their dormant careers for three movies now! Can we all agree that they're quite clearly not expendable! The geriaction genre is quite ironically getting old, since The Expendables 3 is has a few slightly bizarre additions, like Mel Gibson and Kelsey Grammar of all people. Check it out for the upped sense of team work, and to see Wesley Snipes flagrantly admit he didn't learn anything from doing time for tax evasion!

Chris Tucker Live

Over a decade building up to one face.
Over a decade building up to one face.

Whenever a comedian makes a comeback after a long absence, there's always a heightened sense of risk. Surpassed only by Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker has the accolade for standing in the wings, biding his time for the longest. What does his live special with Netflix bring us? Well, from the trailer, he not only reminisces about the death of Michael Jackson five years ago, but about starring in a video with him eight years before that. Still, there's nothing wrong retreading old territory, right? Oh by the way did you read my last Netflix round up?

Man Up

This low-fi interpretation of a worn premise makes for an interesting comedy, no doubt. Justin Chon is a compelling screen presence, and I just wish he would get the right projects to shine. If you like the sheer earnestness of YouTube comedy, this will be your jam, though there's nothing you can't get from that one episode of Friends where Joey and Chandler look after Ross' baby.


Just what is the anatomy of a bomb? A failure for both critics and audiences, Serena embodies the omnipresent notion that a movie could just flop without warning. It's some rather astounding proof that Hollywood heavyweights like Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper aren't surefire bets when it comes to casting! Now it's on Netflix, and you you're free to break down exactly what this movie could have done wrong, next to titles like John Carter and Grace of Monaco as star-driven endeavors that didn't get it right!

Monsters: Dark Continent

Remember when this movie was hotly anticipated? Then everyone looked to the horizon to see Gareth Evans hanging with Godzilla and Bryan Cranston and oh suddenly Monsters was never cool in the first place! Newcomer director Tom Green (no not that one) makes the mistake of taking the extremely grounded and human story of Monsters, and adding soldiers. However, for those who like hardcore, realistic visions that pitch aliens against the military, [Monsters: Dark Continent](tag:417353) could be for you!

Alien Outpost

For those who like hardcore, realistic visions that pitch aliens against the militar... hey wait this is basically the same film! Last year's Alien Outpost is an endeavor in hiding the strings. We're clearly dealing with a lower budget than is usual for this kind of picture, and part of the fun comes from seeing how the filmmakers get around that. It's still weird to see a movie that looked at Battle Los Angeles and thought "let's redo that!"

The Last Unicorn


For those who like hardcore, realistic visions that pitch aliens against the military, get out! This is The Last Unicorn we're dealing with, and if you can't handle it, then you're completely normal. This movie is actually pretty disturbing. Part of the Rankin Bass effort to fill the Disney void in the early 80s, this movie has a beautiful jankiness as Mia Farrow's titular unicorn navigates a fantasy world that's as serene as it is terrifying. Basically, I could have said Alan Arkin plays a wizard, and you'd already be streaming it! And now for some future releases you can expect later in July!

Bojack Horseman (July 17th)

I'm almost inclined to tell you not to watch Bojack Horseman Season 2, and to wait until it hits season 5 so you can perceive the full evolution that animated shows benefit from. Unfortunately, that's straight up not how television works, and Bojack is currently stoking a fervent following for its upcoming season. I hear he dates a bird voiced by Lisa Kudrow! Sign me up!

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day at Camp

Amy Poehler and Bradly Cooper reprise their roles.
Amy Poehler and Bradly Cooper reprise their roles.

A lot has changed since 2001. Specifically, everyone who starred in Wet Hot American Summer got fifty times more famous, and the idea of a Wet Hot American Summer Prequel became fifty times better. The upcoming 8-episode Season drops on July 31st, so be sure to check out just how much American Comedy has changed in 14 years!

That's all for this week! Happy Streaming, and be sure to watch this space for for round-ups of new releases on Netflix!


Which of these titles will you check out this week?


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