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Harrison Ford has made his first public appearance since his unfortunate aviation mishap back in March, returning to this year's Comic-Con for a truly special Star Wars panel. Han Solo reunited with his fellow rebels, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, for some galactic reminiscing, before imparting some sage advice to the new generation of heroes.

Dismissing his plane crash injuries, which included a broken ankle and pelvis, he told the adoring crowd:

I'm fine... I walked here, so how bad can it be?

That's the resilient smuggler we know and love.

Ford appears to have come back from the accident wiser than ever, dispensing some rather sobering advice to his younger and perhaps more naive Episode VII co-stars, warning them of the baggage that comes with being involved in such a beloved franchise. Check out the interview below.

"Life as they knew it is no longer possible"

Ford took care to caution the young cast, just embarking on their journey to a galaxy far, far away:

"It's too late for them, I mean it's over. Life as they knew it is no longer possible, you've checked in for the biggest ride there ever was."

Harrison also spoke about a 'serious conversation' he had with Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the movie:

"I actually did have a bit of a serious conversation with Daisy, who enquired about what the experience was like for me some centuries ago when this all started. I said your life will change. You'll get used to it. You'll be by turns happy and delighted and employed, and then you'll wonder what the hell happened every once in awhile!"

Struggling with fame

Harrison knows all about the loss of privacy that's shackled with international fame. When Star Wars: A New Hope was first released in 1997, the actor was visiting a record store to buy an album when enthusiastic fans tore half his shirt off in their maniacal obsession to grab a piece of Han Solo.

But no matter what the cost, being involved in the Star Wars franchise is 100% worth it. Just look at the enduring love shared between the castmates during the panel:

And the new movie is set to solidify a whole host of new bonds. As Harrison said:

"We have a fantastic cast. We have the skill and the wit and the ambition of J.J. Abrams, a great script by one of our original screenwriters Larry Kasdan, and I was delighted to be involved."

Whether the new cast like it or not, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to become an unprecedented phenomenon for a whole new generation of fans, and I can't wait for it to blast off into hyperspace.

Episode VII releases on December 17.

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