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Fox's [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) just keeps getting better and me, well, I cannot held the excitement.

At this point most of you guys might have seen the leaked trailer of Fox's next installment of the X-Men franshise, if you haven't, go and check it.

Consider it another beautiful gift from this year's San Diego International Comic-Con.

Major spoilers ahead, so beware.

Apocalyse's 4 Horsemen Revealed.

I am not going to describe the trailer because I am sure there are going to be quite a few more post doing that. Instead, I am going to talk about the quick look that we get of Apocalypse's 4 horsemen.

1. Psylocke (aka Olivia Munn)

Although I think we all saw this one coming, it is quite exciting to see Psylocke as a badass bitch. A side from a practically perfect cast, Psylocke is that one mutant one really want to see in action. I really want the movie to dig a little bit into her background story, though it seems it would be a bit too much for Ryan to put it all together.

2. Storm (aka Alexandra Shipp)

This is definitively a must see for me. Storm has in my opinion one of the most interesting origin stories. I cannot wait to see her go from a worshiped by thousand godess to a servant of a wannabe god.

3. Archangel (aka Ben Hardy)

Of course Archangel was going to be a horseman, that was already spotted, we know. But I believe that we will be getting the Archangel we deserve, the one that eventually becomes Charles Xavier team's nightmare.

4. And finally Mr. Magneto himself (aka Michael Fassbender)

I don't get tired of seeing Magneto kick everybody's ass. And even though it might not be under his own will he will continue to kick ass in this new installment and I cannot wait. I am not sure how much damage can Apocalypse do but with Magneto as his first horseman I guessing a lot.

And there is more...

by the end of the trailer we can see Charles Xavier's eyeballs turning black as he falls into a state of hypnossis, not that I though his mind could ever be controlled. But as it appears in the trailer, Apocalypse might be the powerfull mind that finally manages to do it.

Again I cannot held the excitement. As for you guys, what do you think?


Which horseman are you most excited to see?


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