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(Warning - mild potential SPOILERS for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may lie below. As Taylor Swift so famously put it: "Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn ya"...)

With this year's San Diego Comic-Con bringing a noticeably small number of major announcements, and with few screenings being officially released on the web, it's arguably pretty darned lucky that a certain trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was as noticeably awesome as it was.

Or, indeed, is, seeing as you can, if so inclined, watch it...well, right here:

What's more - as part of (what almost certainly wasn't) a concerted effort to make up for the rest of Comic-Con's relatively light load of awesomeness, the Batman v Superman trailer was packed practically to the point of bursting with comic book referencing, plot-teasing and all around awesome Easter eggs.

Ten of the best of which are to be found below...

First up?

10. Robin!

There's more on that suit - and just what it could mean for the future of the DC Cinematic Universe - right here, but in the meantime, let's just all bask in the geeky awesomeness of the fact that Robin has - and possibly still is - a major part of the DC movies we're soon set to see...

The cause of his apparent absence might not be all that absent himself, though. It looks as though we could even be set to see...

9. The Joker!

Now, sure, that message could well simply be the work of an irate family-member of a Wayne employee killed in the attack on Metropolis - but with that kind of manic red writing, it's best not to write off the Clown Prince of Crime completely...

8. Wayne Manor!

Speaking of which - if that old, falling-apart mansion does indeed turn out to be Wayne Manor, it seems entirely possible that the Joker'll have been partly responsible for its current state of disrepair...

7. The Bat-Cave!

The most interesting thing about what seems to be the brand new Bat-Cave? Well, aside from the fact that it sure has changed from the bat-infested cavern we're used to, it's also (as a result) far less guaranteed to be under Wayne Manor than we've grown accustomed to seeing it...

6. Super Soldiers!

Now, aside from them hinting at an Injustice: Gods Among Us sort-of tone to parts of the movie, this one might well take a little longer to decode. A Lex Luthor-funded 'Super Soldier' program, designed to ultimately betray Superman, perhaps?

5. Kryptonite!

Speak of the devil - we now know for sure that Lex Luthor has access to a whole load of Kryptonite. Could that prove to be Batman's source, too?

4. Wonder Woman!

One of the most pleasant surprises from the trailer was just how old school Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman seems to be - with a whole lot of warrior weaponry (and her lasso of truth) present and accounted for.

3. Wayne Financial!

If you were still wondering just why Bruce Wayne is so, so mad at Superman, though - look no further. See that sign over there on the left? It looks as though Wayne Financial took a pretty big hit during the battle of Metropolis, and from the looks of the newspaper headline up above, an entire 'Wayne Tower' was destroyed...

2. Zod!

Yup. That's right. Zod. Not only is he back, but he's...still dead.

Which makes sense, but means we now have to worry about what someone - odds are Lex Luthor - has planned for the Kryptonian menace.

And, finally?

1. The Dark Knight Returns!

Recognize that image from the trailer?

Well, that's most likely because it's taken directly from the cover of Frank Miller's iconic - and Batman v Superman-influencing - The Dark Knight Returns...

And when we say taken directly, we really mean it:

Which is AWESOME.

What do you think, though?



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