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It must be weird knowing that you must finish the entirety of a beloved show in one season. It's not like Downton Abbey has been suddenly cancelled or anything; this is where the show runners feel comfortable to end the story. Still, there are a fair few elements to the show that would annoy fans if they were left untended to by the end of Season 6.

Downton Abbey Season 6

Downton Abbey is such a busy show, with dozens of characters and plot lines winding in on each other. Julian Fellowes has allegedly only just finished writing the final episode, so my best guess is that the fates of our favorite characters are already set in stone! What are some of the storylines that must be wrapped up neatly for Downton Abbey to have that feel-good ending that Julian Fellowes has touted for so long?

Lady Edith's chronic bad luck

Give that girl a break!
Give that girl a break!

Lady Edith is an interesting figure in Downton Abbey. Framed as the "other child" who just can't capture the same glamor or prestige as her sister Mary, Edith should embody something very human in the show. Instead, she's turned into somewhat of a punching bag. I thought something interesting might be done when she ran away to London in Season 5, but she simply returned in the very next episode. Season 6 should either give her the happy ending she so clearly deserves, or cut her off from her family in a tragic beat that will last forever.

Isobel Crawley's love triangle

You might perceive Isobel Crawley simply as Lady Violet's more down to earth cousin, but she really represents very crux of the show. Rather than climbing social rungs like Tom Branson, she straddles them, neither here nor there. This manifests with her relationship with Lord Merton, which was scuppered by his sons being total losers and deeming her too lowly for their family. There's always the family doctor Richard Clarkson, but which man she'll end up with at the end of Season 6, we're yet to know!

Tom Branson in America

Is Tom ready to make the leap?
Is Tom ready to make the leap?

Make your mind up, Tom! You tease us with your potential move to America all through Season 5, then you stick around for the Christmas special, and then you're confirmed for Season 6 too! Whether Tom stays at Downton or not, his story could ultimately go many ways, and it would be cool to see where Season 6 takes him. If he does ultimately make the move to America, I would love to see the show's interpretation of a stateside setting!

Lady Mary and Henry Talbot

"This looks snappy!" - Lady Mary (Looking at Henry Talbot's car. The thing that killed her ex-husband...)

Everyone's favorite element of last year's Christmas special was seeing the one and only Matthew Goode grace Downton Abbey with his presence. Then seeing him flirt with Michelle Dockery's Lady Mary was such a perfect interaction I had to check it wasn't fan fiction. Matthew Goode has been confirmed to have at least some involvement in Downton Abbey Season 6, though the chances of his character actually following through with a fully fledged romance with Lady Mary are still unknown.

Make it happen!
Make it happen!

For more on Downton, check right here! What are some of the storylines you really want tied up in Downton Abbey Season 6? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, vote in our poll, or leave a comment below!


Which storyline needs to be wrapped up in Downton Abbey Season 6?


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