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When you're dressed as Darth Vader at San Diego Comic-Con, it feels like it's your responsibility to inflict the Force-choke on a few passersby. Either that or you should be cutting some hands off, and that's definitely cause for a lawsuit.

The people at WIRED played with this idea and took Lord Vader out to the bustling SDCC streets with a GoPro to test out if his cred checks out here on Earth. The lesson from WIRED's video is that when someone in the full Vader getup raises their hand in the Force-choke motion, people are more than happy to play along! That is, until Darth Vader faces one of his own:

Darth Vader is ready to rock!

Let's see some of his most unlucky opposers...

People caught on pretty quickly

The Force-choke is a pretty easy thing to grasp, especially for Comic-Con attendees.

Not even the young Padawans could escape Lord Vader's wrath!

Is anyone else having Order 66 flashbacks?

Princesses were far from impervious

The fairy godmother by her side did her best, but her wand was no match for a lightsaber.

Same goes for Disney Princes...

Sorry, Aladdin.

Then Darth Vader meets his match

Who else could defeat Darth Vader other than...another, smaller, Darth Vader?

That's when things took a turn for the adorable...

What kind of recruiting are they doing over on the Dark side? They're starting younger and younger every year!

(Via: WIRED)


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