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There are a few one-shot graphic novels that every superhero fan should read, and Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland might just be at the top of that list. Published in 1988, the story introduced a tragic backstory for the Joker, directly influencing the complex supervillain we know so well and fear so much today.

The Killing Joke has remained extremely popular since it was first published, and found a resurgence when Heath Ledger drew part of his inspiration from the comic for The Dark Knight Rises. Now, DC Entertainment is finally bringing it to life onscreen. At the San Diego Comic-Con panel for Justice League: Gods and Monsters, animator and producer Bruce Timm announced that the seminal Batman tale will be next on their slate.

That's right! The Killing Joke will be a full-length animated movie, so we'll live through some of the grisliest, darkest moments in the Batman universe right on our TVs.

While DC is still in the early stages of bringing this to the public, there is one question that immediately comes to my mind...

Will Mark Hamill return to voice the Joker?

The fantastic voice actor and the favorite Joker of many has said in the past that he would come out of retirement to do The Killing Joke. Now, he tweeted this way back in 2011, but there's no reason to think that he still doesn't feel this strongly about the story.

In fact, is reporting that a Joker-heavy animated feature was casted, but no sides were given out for the Clown Prince himself. Merely a coincidence? Or, might Hamill have already signed on to the project? Now that it's an idea in my head, it's something that I have to see (or hear, I suppose).

However it pans out, The Killing Joke movie has been something we've been anticipating for years. And that's no laughing matter.



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