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We might look to celebrities as immortal gods with perfect bodies, hair, cars, and homes, but we forget that they're actually humans with zits, cellulite, fat days, and bags under their eyes.

Celebrities don't wake up with their hair perfectly styled and brightly gorgeous makeup, as much as that may surprise you. So it makes us incredibly relieved when celebs show us their more intimate, not-so-done-up natural look.

Just check out how stunning and confident these women are without makeup!

1. Cameron Diaz

There's nothing wrong with a bit of redness and some completely normal wrinkles. Diaz may not have her hair perfectly styled, but her natural bedhead waves are still very sexy! Notice that radiant smile as well.

2. Zoey Deschanel

Zoey may have just woken up, but she still looks adorable. Her messy bun is just the hairdo we all pull together when jumping out of bed.

3. Demi Lovato

Demi's skin is still glowing so beautifully! She also has such a beaming smile, you instantly don't care whether she is wearing makeup or not.

4. Shailene Woodley

An acne scar here and there is completely normal. This picture reminds us that even celebrities get them. Shailene's skin is still absolutely beautiful.

5. Ellen and Portia

This couple seems to be consistently smiling. How heartwarming! They also look as natural as the beach behind them.

6. Lorde

Lorde uses acne cream? Like the rest of us? This just makes her seem so human! I love her confidence.

7. Jennifer Lopez

She's still Jenny from the Block without all the glitz and glamour. She still looks ridiculously flawless sans makeup. She's a fine aging wine.

8. Jennifer Lawrence

Hair pulled back and fresh-faced, Jennifer Lawrence is still a beauty queen. Just look at that flawless skin.

9. Lady Gaga

Be still, my heart! Those green-blue eyes are so bright! And check out Gaga's glowing skin!

These natural beauties show us that we don't need makeup to be beautiful. If we feel like being more fresh-faced and naked one day, we should be bold enough to go for it. And if we care to paint our faces a bit more another day, that's just fine too. Makeup can always be fun.

Keep working it, ladies! And thanks for the reminder that we don't always have to have our faces painted if we aren't in the mood.

[Source: Cosmopolitan, World Lifestyle]


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