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Jamie Bell plays The Thing/Ben Grimm in The Fantastic Four which promises to be a pretty sweet movie, but there's still one question that everybody is asking and hasn't fully been addressed up to this point: does The Thing have a "thing" a.k.a. a male reproductive organ?

Nobody was very sure of it. Jamie Bell had this to say to MTV's Josh Horowitz about it, admitting you won't see "it"...

"You don't see any of The Thing's thing."

Horowitz, in this same interview, then asks Miles Teller, who plays Reed Richards, whether The Thing has a thing. His answer is solidly epic:

"I know he doesn't. Ben has come up to Reed and asked him if he can do him a solid and make one, or carve it out for him."

Check out the responses in the video below. It's pretty funny stuff, gotta admit. Even though, I'm well aware it's a little childish:

Poor guy. Doesn't seem like he's got a dick. That's truly gotta hurt. But hey, at least he's rock hard, am I right? Ba-dum-tssssss!



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