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I'd like to get the Marvel fandom's consensus on this. Is [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) rushing out the gate a little? Put simply, Mark Millar's initial Civil War storyline functioned to punctuate the entirety of the Marvel Universe up until then, something that had been established for well over half a century! Comparatively, the most recent effort to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe is responding to material that is roughly eight years old. I'm not saying it's doomed to fail, as Marvel has surprised us plenty of times before, but this project certainly has its fair share of challenges.

Captain America: Civil War

Apparently Civil War is a big deal
Apparently Civil War is a big deal

Much time went by with people assuming Captain America 3 would just be a direct adaptation of Millar's comic, but it's recently come to fruition that it's more of a The Avengers Lite project, with Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olson and even Tom Holland as a brand spanking new Spider-Man to grace us with their presence. The focus of Captain America 3 seems to be assembling an entirely new Avengers team rather than the titular [Marvel: Civil War](tag:2346746).

For an event as large as the Civil War, and to create an entirely new landscape for the MCU, the characters don't just have to be available. They need motivation! Let's take a look at some characters involved in Captain America: Civil War and see what their place is in phase 3!


Yeah it's a long story...
Yeah it's a long story...

A brief honorable mention goes to Thor, who's tragically being left out of Captain America: Civil War. At least Chris Hemsworth, along with Mark Ruffalo gets a little more of a rest than his Avengers co-stars. Why is Thor sitting this one out? Well I just don't think he can relate to the issue at hand all that much. Thor is much more adept to fighting cosmic and world-breaking threats like Ultron, and soon enough, Surtur of Ragnarok fame. The in-fighting we'll see in Captain America 3 just doesn't apply to Thor. Think of it this way. In the comics, he's replaced by a robot stand-in, and even the MCU doesn't have the guts to adapt that!

Black Widow

Natasha Romanov needs something to do!
Natasha Romanov needs something to do!

Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow has potentially the most complex relationship to the upcoming Civil War. As much as fans love her chemistry with Captain America exhibited in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973), the issue remains that she initially supports the Super Human Registration Act, and fights on Iron Man's side in the comic series.

Fans will surely be heartbroken if she turns on Cap in this way, though perhaps it would be dramatically thrilling to deny them the pleasure of having consistent character allegiances. It is a war after all! For me, Civil War stands as a test for Black Widow to see if she can roll with the initially more powerful heroes later on when it comes to [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027). If you want more on how Black Widow can be used in Captain America 3, you can find it right here!


The employment of Spider-man in Captain America: Civil War remains somewhat of an enigma. We've been through months of Marvel rushing to secure Spider-man as a legitimate character in the MCU, and securing Tom Holland as the guy to play him, yet many can only imagine him as having a bolstered cameo in this movie. The Civil War storyline hinges on characters having known each other for a long time, and being unable to accept the decisions they respectively make. Add Spider-man to the mix, a guy who has nothing to do with anyone so far in the MCU, and you've got the superhero equivalent of the kid who shouts "yeah you tell him!" to everything said in a schoolyard argument!

Can Spiderman be more than decoration?
Can Spiderman be more than decoration?

Infinity War

Those declaring that Captain America 3 will see tumultuous deaths that change the Marvel Cinematic Universe irrevocably might be getting a little carried away with the source material. While Captain America: Civil War will no doubt be a big deal, it's still leading up to Infinity War, where all the real action will presumably go down. In some ways, this movie isn't a Captain America movie at all, but a fully fledged Avengers movie that happens to involve Cap at its center. Is Marvel gonna go and rename it Avengers 3 for marketing purposes? No. They're not that cynical, but we could no doubt be in for something great before Infinity War!


Will Captain America: Civil War be the real Avengers 3?


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