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(Note, if you don't want to see any images of Arrow's new costume before Season 4 starts, then what comes below'll probably feel pretty darned SPOILER-ish...)

We may still be a few (agonizing) months away from the start of the 2015/16 network TV season, but - thankfully - that doesn't mean we have to miss out on our regular fix of CW-ish superhero awesomeness.

Thanks to this year's San Diego Comic-Con, y'see, we now have our first look at something that could well turn out to be a pretty big part of our lives in the months to come - Arrow's new costume for the self-titled show's 4th season.

And the best part?

The New Suit's Pretty Darned Awesome

And, what's more, it seems to mark an intriguing shift away from the slightly more old-school costumery we've seen thus far...

...and towards something a whole lot closer to the more recent (New 52-ish) comic-book Green Arrow...

...which...might not mean a whole lot at all, or it might be set to change everything. After all, we've been promised a very different Arrow this season - and with our hero's costume edging closer and closer to his comic-book counterpart's, that might just suggest we're going to see a parallel lining up of the on-page and on-screen depictions.

Or, y'know, it's just supposed to look cool. Which, to be honest, would be A-ok with me too.

What do you think, though?



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