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The Vampire Diaries cast have just dropped some really exciting news. The cast have hinted in the most obvious of ways that Nina Dobrev's character, Elena Gilbert could be returning to the screen. Elena's last appearance upset even the toughest of fans and had everyone feeling super emotional. In her last heartbreaking episode Elena said goodbye to each and every person that she loved, sharing special moments and spontaneous trips along the way. The moment which definitely caused the most teary eyes was that heart-wrenching goodbye between her and Damon as they danced along the road where they had first met.

But, in true Vampire Diaries style, this goodbye was left as an open ended one. The actress announced she was leaving and the character was last seen sleeping in her coffin but in this series full of surprises, maybe she will be rising again.

It was only at Comic-Con this weekend that the cast dropped some really suspicious sounding hints that maybe, just maybe, all is not lost for Elena. Nina Dobrev may have been absent from the video, but the cast were there to form a nice little puzzle of clues for fans

Ian Somerhalder a.k.a. Damon was really dropping all the hints when he was asked about the character's departure:

She’s still there, dude, she’s in a casket; she’s having a nap
Characters die and come back,” Paul Wesley added. “It’s like Jesus!

It sure sounds like Elena might finding herself rising again and joining her Vampire Diaries co-stars back on the show. Especially as resurrections are regular occurrences in this dark series. If Bonnie, Stefan, Matt and so many other characters can rise multiple times then I am sure Elena will return.

Were these farewell images posted by the Nina Dobrev just something to throw the fans off?

Nina posted the images on Instagram, captioned: 'On my last day... I got caked.' Was this her last day forever or just really her last day until she is brought back?

Candice Accola went on to add further fuel to the fire in the interview as she carried on hinting at Elena's potential return:

I think that’s what’s fun about this series. You never know when characters are going to leave, you never know when they’re going to come back. That’s been a constant for six seasons, now. So the fact that, for such a big departure, that it is left open-ended, is really true to the show

The last final words from Michael Malarkey really injected some further excitement into what may be coming next:

Because of the way it’s been done, she’s very much a presence in season seven

Check out the interview in full with the cast :


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