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As I'm sure everyone has heard by now, San Diego Comic-Con was this weekend! Amidst trailers for some of the most highly-anticipated movies, FX's Archer made a quick appearance to poke fun at some of the year's biggest films. Mad Max, Fantastic Four, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Ant-Man, Batman VS Superman, nothing was safe from Archer's keen spy's eye.

Check out the hilarious, and very Archer-esque, Comic-Con message below (via EW):

Hello, San Diego!

Sorry, SDCC attendees, it looks like Archer isn't into the whole Comic-Con thing.

Then Pam showed up in full Immortan Joe gear...

Which is pretty spot-on. I had no idea they looked so similar with a respirator mask.

Archer then tears down all of this Batman VS Superman talk with a quick fake phone call

He brings up a decent point, but Pam's rebuttal is pretty good.

Not even Ant-Man is small enough to escape Archer

"That's how you get!"

Luckily, Krieger is able to change Archer's mind with the help of Star Wars

Not even Archer is too cool to fanboy out about some new Star Wars footage!

(Via: Entertainment Weekly)


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