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No matter how dark and disturbing horror movies are, there is always something way more disquieting to me about everyday scenes that unwittingly make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Maybe it stems from our experiences as children with overactive imaginations seeing danger in every corner, but there is always something uniquely startling about having to frantically double take an object to be sure it isn't say, a disembodied hand or a grimacing clown with an axe.

Below are a selection of images from situations that had no idea of their horrifying potential, but which one will tiptoe into your nightmares tonight?

15. Hell Hound

Looks like anthropomorphized animals aren't always as cute as Disney made out...

14. The Belly of the Beast

I have a feeling this blood donation drive is going to use its spoils to feed the mascot.

13. Slender Man: Aquatic Edition

The late Manute Bol (7' 7") gives the Slender Man a run for his money is this eerie swimming pool snap.

12. Carnivorous Carnage

And the family ostrich was never seen again. The end.

11. The Soul Sucker

Cat lord disapproves of your obsessive Facebook habit. Desist.

10. That's Not What I'd Call It...

Hemorrhoid Man, is that you?

9. Exorcise THIS

Screw the dog whisperer, we need to get the dog exorcist out here NOW!

8. We'll Be Watching You

Oh, goodie! There are seats free next to this charming old couple.

7. Sugar and Slice

Anyone who watches horror movies knows this sort of thing generally doesn't end well...

6. Buried Alive

Ah, the beauty of nature!

5. Google Glitch

That's it, I'm canceling my holiday to France.

4. Baby You're Cold Inside

One man's toy is another man's terror.

3. Silent Stare

This baby has been perfecting his Paranormal Activity stage play for weeks now.

2. Oh, Haiiiiii!

This resuscitation dummy better not be on the cardiac unit.

1. Dark Waters

When your swimming in the pitch black ocean, this spectral leopard seal is the last thing you want to see...Especially when you know what its teeth look like.

(Source: /r/Creepy)


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