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The morbid among us are well acquainted with the grisly details of serial killers' crimes and the motivations they had for committing murder, but we might have a lot more in common with these evil figures when it comes to the simple subject of personal taste.

Just like all of us, serial killers had their favorite drinks, movies, foods and bands and learning the humanizing details makes these people's evil acts seem even more unfathomably evil.

Check out if you have anything in common with some of the world's famous serial killers below in this list that dissects a few of their favorite things.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Favorite movies: Return of the Jedi and Exorcist III - If you have the patience to watch Dahmer's trial on YouTube the psychologist actually goes into serious detail about just why the notorious killer loves these two movies.

Favorite band: A former barack mate of Dahmer told the press that the killer's favorite band was Black Sabbath and he would blast them out as often as possible.

Favorite drink: Dahmer was a heavy drinker, but his favorite tipple was rum & coke. A concoction he also chillingly laced with drugs to render his unsuspecting victims totally helpless.

John Wayne Gacy

Favorite Author: In an interview before his execution, Gacy revealed that the author he most enjoyed reading during his incarceration was William S. Burroughs.

Favorite band: In the same survey, Gacy named REO Speedwagon as one of his favorite bands. Beyond creepy.

Favorite drink: We known Gacy's favorite drink because of an electroencephalogram (EEG) that was taken from him during his trial to see the effects alcohol had on his brain while he was drunk. His tipple of choice was Justerini & Brooks Scotch Whisky. Incidentally, J&B was also the preferred drink of the character Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Favorite food: Gacy loved KFC so much that he not only managed a store once, he also ate it as part of his last meal.

Ted Bundy

Favorite drink: Alcohol was a big trigger in Bundy's crimes and he was often intoxicated. He enjoyed wine, but reportedly his favorite drink was Mickey’s Big Mouth Malt Liquor

Favorite sport: Bundy hated everything athletic at school with the exception of skiing which he enjoyed partly due to its elite reputation.

Aileen Wuornos

Favorite band: Aileen Wuornos loved Natalie Merchant so much that she had her song 'Carnival' played at her funeral.

Favorite drink: According to Wuornos' childhood friend Dawn Botkins who was close to her until her death, beer was always her favorite beverage. She didn't specify a brand.

Richard Ramirez

Favorite movie: Although we don't exactly know that Silence of the Lambs was Ramirez' favorite movie, it did contain his favorite cinematic performance. In one of his final interviews, Ramirez said he loved Ted Levine's performance as Buffalo Bill. In his own chilling words:

That guy on the show “Monk”, I really liked him in 'Silence of the Lambs'. The scene where he says, “It rubs the lotion on its skin,” I really like [it]

Favorite band: It's a well known fact that Ramirez loved metal bands such as AC/DC, but he also liked classic music according to one of his former pen pals.

Favorite flower: In a disarmingly childish letter to a pen pal, he asked them what their favorite flower was and named his own as a rose

Favorite color: Black. Duh.

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