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If you haven't seen the movie then immediately close this article, go and watch it. Rosie and Alex, Alex and Rosie, two bestfriends in life always there for each other ready to sacrifice everything just to see their friend happy! When I saw the movie I was in a bad mood believing that I was going to watch another crap romantic meaningless movie but trust me, that was not the case. Rosie and Alex have known each other for more than they can remember. The first signs of their love start at Rosie's 18th birthday where she kisses Alex(although she's drunk). Next morning after a harsh hangover Rosie asks Alex to forget what happened and that's when the tragedy begins. In the whole movie I had an expression of suprise in my face because I knew that things couldn't go worse.Rosie,and Alex, but mostly Rosie was the most unlucky person you will ever see. She loves him and he loves her but when she admits it he says that he moved on,something that we all know it's not true. When you reach the end after all the stuff you have been through you relax and realise that your life is wonderful if you compare it with their lives. In the end though? It is obvious that they end up admiting their love (beautiful scene). This is not just another love story. Don't just take tissues and wait to see Prince Charming with Cinderella and their love story. This is not Titanic. I am not a fan of romantic movies. I found them unrealistic, but this one? This movie is one of the most realistic movies I have ever seen. I have watched the movie over 5 times and every time I love it more. Of course the success of the movie it's due to the fantastic actress Lily Collins and the fantastic actor Sam Claflin(finnick from hg).They have amazing chemistry and because of them we have amazing pop-corn love,Rosie nights. I will close with one of my favourite quotes:

Sometimes you don't see that the best thing that's ever happened to you is sitting there,right under your nose

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