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Hi there !

A new week is here , a new Poster is posted on my profile. This week i wanted to post this alternative version poster of "Only God Forgives" starring Ryan Gosling. This movie directed by Nicolas Winding Refn , is very interesting for me because the visual mood of the movie is cool and very well executed. I found that these neon lights gives the whole movie some character and a special mood that defines it identity. I wanted something simple and design for this poster , I wanted to keep this "night atmosphere" and semi darkness" that defines the character. The colored lights are breaking this darkness and reveals Julian played by "Ryan Gosling" .

Hope you like this new poster, as mentioned in previous posts i'm open for comments and advices, Did you liked this movie ? Do you like this alternative poster ? Let me know your thoughts :)

Here are some few detail shots of the poster. it was created using the software "Painter X"

Cheers and thanks for reading / watching my Art !

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