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Hey guys it's me again & today I wanted to talk more about Jared Leto's Joker appearing in the Suicide Squad Comic Con trailer because it's cool to make theories about who he was talking to in the trailer so I'm just gonna go ahead & give you my theory on who he's talking to & why. So be sure when you're done reading this article, be sure to follow me & share this article!

So in my last article,I discussed on who Joker could've been talking to in the trailer for Suicide Squad that was shown at Comic-Con this past weekend but I can't give you a link or a video of the trailer because the full trailer was token down from YouTube but I will show you a clip of Joker from the trailer & be sure to read on after watching the clip:

UPDATE: I guess Warner Bros.decided to post the trailer on their YouTube channel so here's the full trailer:

*Disclaimer:At the time of me making this post,It was a few hours or less before they released the trailer on their YouTube Channel but I'm not gonna delete this article.*

What did you think of Jared Leto's Joker in the trailer?Let me know in the comments below.So anyways back on track,I'm just gonna tell what is obviously going with Joker in the trailer & such.So it seems he's torturing somebody but he tells them this little simple phrase that I can't quit saying:

"Oh I'm not gonna kill you...I'm just gonna hurt you really,really,bad"

So yeah but if you notice when he says "Oh I'm not gonna kill you",the camera is at a different shot but when he says "I'm just gonna hurt you really,really bad",his face is literally at the camera.So my prediction is that these two lines are completely apart.They sound good like this but Joker probably said something before getting in the person's face & saying he's just gonna hurt them.& also why didn't it show who The Joker was torturing?Is it a surprise when we all first watch the movie?What if I say it's actually Jason Todd?Which will bring us back to Jared Leto's Joker quote in the trailer being seperated words.Maybe Jason is strapped down to a metal table or something cause it looks like when Joker walks in the room,it looks like he is in some kind of doctor's operating room (Can somebody explain where this could be taking place?)& if you notice when he says "Oh I'm not gonna kill you.",He's holding electrodes in his hands.But back on track,Jason asks Joker,"Are you gonna kill me you sick psychotic fuck?"Then that's when Joker says,"Oh no I'm not gonna kill you."But also says possibly,"Well...not yet."& he possibly starts getting into Jason's face then says,"I'm just gonna hurt you,really,really bad."& then shocks Jason all over his body with the electrodes.

What do you guys think?Do you think he's talking to Jason or someone else?Let me know in the comments below.


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