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Sinister, what is it all about?

So as the new sinister movie is coming out in a few months I thought why not talk about the story of part 1 and a bit over bughuul, as he is the demon where the movie is all about.

So sinister part 1 is about a family that moves into a new house. They knew what happened here before they moved in, and what happened was seen in the opening scene, it’s about four children that where hanged on the three in the backyard.

Ellison Oswalt finds a box on the attic that contains a projector and several reels of Super 8 mm footage that are each labeled as innocent home movies. This turns out to be snuff movies in which different families gets drowned, burned to death in their car, being run over by their lawn mower, having their throats slit and the hanging as shown in the opening scene. In all these movies the demon bughuul is shown along with a strange symbol. As he is inspecting the box he founds drawings from children from the demon that is now labelt as mr boogie.

In all murder cases the children where missing and the adults who gets killed are drugged. Ellison is send to a local professor jonas. Jonas tells Ellison that the symbols are that of a pagan Babylonian deity named Bughuul ,who would kill entire families and then take one of their children into his realm in order to consume his/her soul.

One night, Ellison sees Bughuul in the bushes and runs outside, only to find Trevor, having experienced yet another night terror and rushes him back inside. The second night, Ellison hears something inside the home and investigates. After Ellison checks in on Ashley and leaves, Stephanie is shown in front of Ashley, having painted her family's murder with Bughuul. The third night, Ellison hears the film projector running and goes up to check where it’s coming from. As he reach the attic he founds the children that bughuul once takes watching the movies in which there parents are getting murdered . bughuul appears in front Ellison. Ellison takes the camera and the films to the backyard and burns them.

According to jonas children that saw the image of the demon bughuul are possessed by him. Ellison discovers the projector and films in his attic, along with a new envelope of film labeled "extended cut endings". During this time, the deputy tries calling several times, but Ellison never picks up. The next time the deputy calls, while Ellison is assembling the films, he finally answers. The deputy informs him that he has discovered a link between the murders: every family had previously lived in the house where the last murder took place, and each new murder occurred shortly after the family moved from the crime scene into their new residence. By moving, Ellison has placed himself and his family in the "timeline of events" and puts his family in line to be the next victims.

Ellison watches the footage. He finds that it depicts the missing children coming onscreen following each murder, revealing themselves to be the killers, apparently under Bughuul's possession before suddenly disappearing. Before he can react, Ellison becomes light-headed, and upon inspection of his coffee cup, he notices a bright green liquid mixed with the coffee and finds a note reading "Good Night, Daddy" before losing consciousness. Ashley appears behind Ellison, revealing herself to be the drugger, under Bughuul's possession, likely contracted from her encounter with Stephanie. Ellison awakens to find himself, his wife and his son bound and gagged. Ashley approaches holding the 8 mm camera, and promises him that she will make him famous again. Ashley then murders her family with an axe, using their blood to paint images of cats, dogs and unicorns on the walls. Her work complete, Ashley views the Super-8 film of her murders, which concludes with an image of the missing children watching her. Bughuul appears, causing the children to flee. He lifts Ashley into his arms and disappears into the film with her.

The film concludes with an image of the box of films in the Oswalt family's attic, now accompanied by Ashley's reel, labeled "House Painting '12". The camera slowly pans away from the box, until Bughuul appears onscreen before the screen cuts out.

i really loved this movie as they got alot of jump scares and they told the story very good. i highly recommend this movie so go check it out before part 2 is coming. they used the children and the demon bughuul very good and in a really smart way!

So I am really excited for the Sinister part 2 and I’m hoping that they something amazing with it, wich I’m sure they do!

Let me know what you think!

Stay tuned and stay horror!


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