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Starling City (or should that be Star City?) has got a new (well, sort of) hero, and his name is: The Green Arrow.

The Green Arrow: Oliver's new outfit
The Green Arrow: Oliver's new outfit

A new outfit, a new persona, a new name: Oliver Queen is suiting up and beginning a new adventure, finally taking his destined comic book name, the Green Arrow. (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!) The Arrow persona was retired towards the end of Season 3 when the police found out that Queen was the vigilante, although Roy Harper took the fall. After defeating Ra's Al Guhl, Oliver retired from fighting crime and drove off into the sunset (literally) with Felicity.

But now we know (we always knew!) that isn't the end for Oliver. With the Arrow outift in the SCPD lockup, for Season 4, Oliver Queen must become someone else, he must because something else: the Green Arrow!

Stephen Amell posted the image on facebook and then debuted the outift at the San Diego Comic Con (See blow!).

We can't wait to finally see the Emerald Archer rise when Arrow returns to the CW in October!


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