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There's no doubting it, Elite: Dangerous is a beautiful game on PC. It hasn't received the greatest scores from gaming publications, but it has found a real home in the general gaming community. If you're prepared to invest a ridiculous amount of hours into Elite: Dangerous, you'll find an infinitely rewarding space just waiting for you to explore. But it certainly has its issues.

Elite is due to get a release date for the Xbox One and PS4 some time in the future, with a preview already available on XBOX to try out for an hour. But what changes should take effect for the day that it arrives on Next Gen consoles? Let's take a look at the grievances of the Elite community.

Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous - the Changes it Needs for its Xbox One & PS4 Release Date

I've played a good few hours of Elite: Dangerous and I already have minor issues I'd love to see patched into the Xbox One and PS4 versions. But let me be clear that this is a fantastic game! Anyway, let me run through my quick list to give you an idea of what console owners may be in store for:

  • The price of minerals is too low and therefore not profitable or worth doing.
  • Exploration data could also be upgraded as the player isn't given enough of an incentive to do so - other than the universe is pretty.
  • A small point that someone on Reddit made I completely agree with: Lower the scanning range on planets, so while exploring the player has to go close to the planet to scan them, therefore providing better visuals and experience.
  • A greater variety of missions for those that aren't Elite would be much appreciated.
  • More merits for getting cargo or resistance pockets - they're not really worth the hassle in the game's current state.
  • An improved in-game chat feature.

These may seem trivial, but after spending a long time with Elite: dangerous there are minor annoyances that can start to interrupt the flow of your enjoyment of the game. Open space can be a little boring to navigate at times too - but that's to be expected when the view in other areas is so amazing.

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

I'd love to see these changes implemented on Xbox One and PS4. But here are additional issues that the community at large are experiencing. For some missiles, frag canons and mine launchers need serious balancing work. A lot of the time these weapons do little to nowhere near the damage you anticipate. Another player wishes for the developers to add a player density heatmap to the galaxy map. (That only shows Open players or players in your private group). Lets you find action if you want action, or avoid it if you don't.

Elite Dangerous Needs an Xbox One & PS4 Beta

But on top of all of this, I think players really want a beta. Implement some changes and then try them all out on an open beta. It'll help the team work far more effortlessly while simultaneously encountering online problems earlier rather than late. But what do you guys think? Will you be picking up Elite: Dangerous on its release date for the XBOX One and PS4? Let us know in the comments below!

Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous

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