ByJoseph MacPherson, writer at
A rogue and evil Superman that holds nothing back is unstoppable. I will make a few points to back this up. Superman is the archetype hero most copied in the comic world. Every major imprint has at least 1 Superman type hero. For example, just to name a few...Hyperion, Gladiator, Invincible, Supreme, Count Nefaria etc... Superman is the only hero I know that literally gave Batman the means to stop him (gave him kryptonite) if he ever went rogue or was somehow being controlled because he knows just how powerful he truly is and what he can do. Show me another hero or villain that has done that. Batman himself has stated many times that Superman is the most powerful being on the planet and that humanity is lucky that he is on the side of the angels. Batman knows his stuff. As he has detailed files on everyone and their power sets and knows their limitations. He always carries a shard a kryptonite with him. That should tell you a lot! And finally a lot of you forget that Superman is as strong as he needs to be! He is constantly holding back. The man can crack the planet in half and blow out stars or absorb them entirely if he needs to. And combine superspeed at the speed of light plus super strength plus invulnerability and you have the 'infinite mass punch' that is equivalent to a 100 supernovas going off and no one can withstand that unless you are Superman!

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