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Shared universes in movies are the new big thing. People will line up all over the world to see whatever the next installment is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And after San Diego Comic Con, the up-and-coming DC Cinematic Universe has people everywhere losing their minds. So Moviepilot has gone and done the only logical thing they could with their latest contest. They’ve challenged us creators to come up with the next big Cinematic Universe.

So a lot of ideas crossed my mind. A good CU needs a few things: great heroes, great villains and a desire to see them cross paths. And of course, it helps if these characters are already well known and loved. So where do you go for these characters? Comics have just about been completely tapped out. TV could be a good source, but turning TV into movies rarely works out well. So I’ve chosen to go with... video games.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you... the Nintendo Cinematic Universe!

Now I would need more than three movies to build to the epic climax, but here are the key movies:

Super Mario Bros.

Not my casting choices haha. Credit Brian Mutschler.
Not my casting choices haha. Credit Brian Mutschler.

The obvious first step in the NCU. We would bring everyone's favorite plumbers to the big screen to take on the evil King of the Koopa, Bowser. Rescuing Princess Peach, our damsel in distress, seems like a good way to honor the original game. However, I would put a little spin on it and have Peach rescue the brothers in the end, perhaps leading to her own movie. If there’s one thing the people have made it painfully clear that they want to see, it’s strong female lead characters. Of course, this movie would end with the apparent death of Bowser, but we know better.

Key Characters to Debut: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Wario, Toad, Daisy.

The Legend of Zelda

A young swordsman is bestowed with a mystical power and tasked with, you guessed it, saving a princess. The evil Ganondorf learns of the power of the Triforce, and it’s three separate pieces. He truly desires the Triforce of Power, but in order to retrieve it, he kidnaps Princess Zelda, the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom. He then uses her to track down his prize. Meanwhile, Link stumbles upon the Triforce of Courage and is deemed worthy of possessing it, so long as he keeps the rest of the Triforce from falling into the hands of evil. Tell me people wouldn’t pay to see this! Of course it ends in an epic showdown between two of the most popular Nintendo characters ever. You could even drop a tagline on it like, “The truest Power... is Courage,” or something like that. Can I buy my ticket now?

Key Characters to Debut: Link, Zelda, Ganondorf.

Super Smash Bros.

Via ComicVine
Via ComicVine

Remember that epic climax I mentioned before? Well, this is it. Of course, there would have to be some more movies before we get to this one. Maybe Kirby, Star Fox, Metroid, F Zero and Donkey Kong? Sounds like a good collection of characters right? A dark force has arisen. Something for too powerful for any of our heroes, or villains, to defeat on their own; the all-powerful Master Hand and his army of Polygon soldiers.

I would start this movie with a dark event that sparks a hatred for our villain and a call for our heroes to join forces. My personal choice: Toad is killed. We’ll establish that Toad is known and loved throughout all of our movies, setting up a motive for our heroes to spring into action.

However, the heroes will not be enough. They’ll have to make the decision to recruit the ones that they’ve fought in the past. Enter Bowser and Ganondorf. The combined forces of our heroes and villains will try to stop the evil hand and his army from destroying their universe.

Just picture an action packed trailer featuring Fox and Samus fighting side by side, Ganondorf saving Link, and a crowd pleasing moment involving Mario staring down an army of Polygon soldiers before covering himself in a metal suit and leaping into action. Man, if you’re looking for a director... I’m available.

This could definitely be the next big Cinematic Universe. Who wouldn’t be interested in seeing this? And imagine the increased sales in video games, the merchandise, and all the other infinite ways to make money from this. Plus, Nintendo did make a deal with Universal Studios to put their properties in the theme parks. Maybe the next logical step is movies. Let’s see Nintendo and Universal team up to make this dream a reality!

So what do you think? Would the NCU be as much of a 'SMASH' hit as I think it would?


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