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On Saturday San Diego Comic Con 2015 blessed us with beautiful trailers for some of 2016's most highly anticipated films. Suicide Squad, [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267), Deadpool and - the one relevant to this article - [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)! The 3:30 trailer blew people's minds! Since the films 2013 announcement just a little over 2 years ago, speculation has ran rampant all over the internet, but it now can be taken to a whole new level. From giving us the first look at a Lex Luthor we've never seen before and our first on screen Wonder Woman to confirming the existence of at least one Robin in this DC Cinematic Universe, this trailer really set the bar for ALL comic book movie trailers to come.

In the trailer we see a lot of focus on Bruce Wayne. It even shows us his parents death, which everyone knows by now. In total the trailer has 6 shots of Bruce and 9 shots of Batman. Only 3 more of the billionaire playboy in his flying rat cosplay. One of our early on looks at the character sees him opening an envelope sent in the mail which contains a news article on the destruction of the Wayne Financial building which has written on it the words "You let your family die". Due to the message Joker left on the Robin suit later in the trailer, people assumed this came from the jokester as well. I beg to differ. So who do I think sent this cryptic message?

Pretty blunt if I do say so myself.
Pretty blunt if I do say so myself.


No...he's not going to Grandmother's house.
No...he's not going to Grandmother's house.

Jason Todd was killed by the Joker on a mission in the middle east to find his biological mother. He was set up by his mom and the clown prince of crime, beaten, and then blown up. In the early 2000s, he was revived by Superboy Prime's reality punch (smdh). His first reappearance was in Jeph Loeb's Hush storyline. Then he reappeared in the Under the Hood storyline as Red Hood. Jason comes back fueled by vengeance. Not only is he mad that Batman let him (his family) die, but he still allows the Joker to wake up every morning. Jason is determined to show Batman what he COULD be if he wasn't too scared to take a couple lives.

Later on in the trailer we see Bruce Wayne looking at what appears to be a Robin suit that has been defaced. On it, in yellow letters, is the message, "Hahaha the Joke's on you Batman". This is without a doubt from the Joker. Not only because the use of the words "ha" and "joke", but these exact words are what Zack Snyder tweeted out on Joker's 75th anniversary earlier this year. Most people have assumed that this suit belonged to Jason Todd. As stated above, the Joker killed Robin, and even though it isn't in the comics, vandalizing his dead corpse (or maybe he did it before he killed Jason) seems like something Jared Leto's creepy Joker would do. Obviously Jason's death is important to the story. If it was a simple easter egg, it probably wouldn't have made it to the trailer.

Looks cool, but he still has the shorts though!
Looks cool, but he still has the shorts though!

NOTE: If you believe that this picture proves that Dick Grayson is dead in BvS, then you're wrong. How do I know this? Well this picture and this picture prove it wrong. The tombstone with "Richard Grayson" on it is seen next to grave of Thomas and Martha Wayne before they're even buried. So unless in this version they die after Bruce is Batman, and that little boy in the trailer was someone else, then the prop department just put it there for fun or maybe even to stir up talk about the film. Besides, WB/DC isn't new to the digitally writing on tombstones game.


So why would Jason send Batman this message?!?!?!

The boy blunder has been known to be bitter. This could be one in a series of messages from Jason. Yes, to all of you MP readers that think BvS is too crowded, it is another sub-plot in the film, but it can be handled without seeming forced and irrelevant (*cough*Avengers 2*cough*). The message could also refer to many things.

1. Bruce's family could literally mean his mother and father who died in front of him as a child, motivating him to be Batman.

2. It could refer to what the article is about. He let his Wayne Financial "family" die during the battle in Metropolis. It wouldn't be surprising if that particular Wayne building was full of head honchos in the company and people that were important to Bruce. During the Batman v Superman panel, Zack Snyder had this to say about Gotham and Metropolis' relationship:

We put Gotham and Metropolis right next to each other...It made sense to us and worked for our story that they were sister cities across a big bay. It's like Oakland and San Francisco.

And Ben Affleck said...

Metropolis being a big successful city and Gotham being a place where a lot more down-trodden people live, and there's a ferry they take across the people who work in Metropolis take from Gotham city.

How is this relevant? Well usually in Batman media it's said that Gotham went down hill after the death of the Wayne's. If Gotham has become the Detroit to Metropolis' Manhattan, it would make sense for the people who took over Gotham (who have been portrayed as "evil businessmen/women" in the past) moved it across the bay. Maybe even his uncle Philip Kane (who took over Wayne Ent. in the new 52 Zero Year storyline) was killed in the wreckage, making it literally family again.

3. The third reference Jason could be making is to his OWN death, the storyline where he parishes literally being titled "Death in the Family".

Bruce would know that this mentioned meant more than what it seemed like at surface level, but this message also begs another topic to be discussed. Whoever sent this meant it for Bruce Wayne, so if it was from Joker that means he knows that Bruce is Batman...or he just wanted to mess with Bruce and doesn't know, but it could be very likely.

So if this is sent from the Joker, he might know Batman's secret identity. This is my biggest problem with the Joker theory. In SEVERAL versions of the Joker he has stated that if he knew who Batman was it would ruin all of the fun. Although he has known in past versions, it is truly more fun for the audience and the Joker if Batman's identity remains a secret to him. Who DOES know the secret identity of Batman? His sidekicks, specifically Jason Todd.

It makes perfect sense that Jason would send this cryptic message to Bruce Wayne. He definitely has at least a little bit of sense for theatrics (I mean he's named after the guy that beat him to death with a crowbar) and I wouldn't put it past a PTSD, murderous, Batman to send the guy he's after a couple notes before he takes action. Make sure to check out the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad trailers below. Thanks for checking out my article. Make sure to share and leave a comment below. DEUCES!!


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