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When The 100 first came out it was good. Not brilliant by any means but still solid. The story is copied from other movies and has the similarity to Lost. But there is a good foundation for the show. When I watched the first episode I was getting to know the characters. You had the adults on the Ark sending nearly all the teens to Earth because the Ark was dying! Why wouldn't Jaha send some of his council members and soldiers to keep order? Anyway, i think that would of voided the whole show. Back to the story. The teens arrive on Earth and it's a seemingly derelict place. It's a harsh environment but livable. The reason of why the council sent them to Earth. Now, obviously it's the 100 who adapt to life on Earth and make a new life.

So there will have to be a leader. Step forward Clarke and Bellamy. Clarke is the daughter of Abigail Griffin who is on the council. A head strong, self-obsessed, arrogant character. Then there is Bellamy. A leader who is very impulsive,angry and instinctive.

Clarke Griffin. The leader of the Sky People.
Bellamy Blake. A former leader of the Sky People.

Now both have clashed many times during season one. Bellamy wants to fight when necessary whereas Clarke wants to resolve. However, the writers have given Clarke a pass that basically she can get away with anything. This is where the problem lies. She is given to much focus and every story she is made to look good. Example of this is Charlotte. Charlotte was one of the 100. But she killed Wells Jaha. The reason for this was because Wells Father killed her parents. No one saw this at all. So when people found the body people assumed it was Murphy (a hot headed often violent) who is Bellamys right hand. At the time of the discovery Bellamy wanted to say nothing and keep the people in fear of attack of the Grounders. Clarke however wanted to announce to the group without thinking of the consequences. Clarke got her way (of course) and people assumed it was Murphy. So, the group were going to kill Murphy who was innocent. After a while it was made clear that Charlotte killed Wells. Murphy and a group looked for Charlotte who killed herself.

Charlotte. Who was very close to Bellamy. But committed suicide because Clarke opened her mouth when Bellamy told her to not to.
The group were prepared to hang Murphy due to Clarkes ignorance.
Murphy who was innocent by nearly died.

Now after Charlotte killed herself. Clarke had the audacity of looking upset. It was due to her actions that she killed herself in the first place. To top it off she banished Murphy from the camp (why?). Murphy was actually innocent and obviously angry about nearly being killed. But the writers bypassed this and made him a scapegoat. Whereas if you take a step back it was Clarkes fault. Yes Charlotte was guilty and should of faced justice by law. But that did not come all because of Clarke but nothing was said.

Bellamy was a strong character who stood up to Clarke. However, during the second half of season one that dimished. Clarke was written to be better than everybody. No one apparently could do nothing unless it's Clarke approved. Clarke is the leader but also the medical doctor, explorer, and decision maker. It surprises me that there are other cast members at all. Bellamy in all this is by far the most popular character in the show. However, during time, especially in season two, he is absolutely wasted (ill get to that).

Bellamy who was Clarkes equal has become a "Yes" man to her.

Now there is Clarkes love life. Again she is made to look like the victim. Finn is Clarkes love interest. However, he did not tell her about his girlfriend Raven (not Clarkes fault). However, when she found out about Raven she still played away with Finn. She is meant to be a leader but is not setting a good example. Her actions were self-obsessed to say the least.

Finn and Clarke. The couple you can not route for.
Raven. The girl you do route for but is written as a weak minded obsessive girl over Finn. Compared to Clarke she is like a teenage child. Even though she is older. She is also a genius at making weapons and fixing appliances but Clarke gets the credit especially at the end of season one.

We go on to season two. The Clarke Griffin show is now in full running. Just to recap, at the end of season one half of the 100 have been captured by the Mountain Men along with Clarke. The adults finally land on Earth.

So Clarke escapes Mount Weather whereas Jasper and Monte stay. All the while without Clarke Jasper and Monte talked about Clarke all the time. Once the adults form a base with the rest of the 100 I assumed that we would see more character development. I was very wrong. Which is a shame because the show has great actors.

One of the issues that I had is that Marcus got no recognition for trying to make peace with the Grounders. When him and Jaha were in the cell with Lexa she heard Marcus's intentions were honourable. But for some reason we are led to believe it was all Clarkes doing. Also that Lexa only trusts Clarke as her confidant?! Once again, she saw that Marcus was trying to make peace.

Marcus. A man who everyone actually forgotten about his intentions for peace!

Now we have the love story of Clarke and Finn. This relationship hurt Bellamys character in the show. Because it was focused on Clarke and Finn, Bellamy was hardly in any scenes in the first half of season two. He was actually wasted to a point that you hardly saw him, or Octavia, Raven or anybody else. But Clarke got mainbilling like she does in EVERY episode. What about the other characters? Why are the writers so obsessed to include Clarke in every storyline? It really makes the show a bit false. Other shows like The Walking Dead, CSI, Grimm, Game of Thrones have equal billing to all actors. Infact we see episodes dedicated to specific actor's. This gives the audience a chance to root and care for the character moreso. But not the 100. The 100 is happy promoting a 18 year old as the nucleus of the show. And what's even more scary is that the writers agree with this. Especially when it came to Bellamys lack of screentime. Even though he is the most popular characters in the show!

Now with the loved up pair. Finn (who is searching for Clarke) kills a whole village of Grounders. Clarke even though he killed women and children tries everything in her power to protect him. Even risking war with the Grounders in the process. To me, that is not a good leader but a self-absorbed one. She only cared for herself and Finn. Say what you want about Bellamy, but he actually thinks of his people even making tough choices. Clarke however, is STILL seen as the responsible leader.

Finn slaughters innocent Grounders. Something that Clarke chose to ignore and risk war.

Because of this storyline, Bellamy could not appear but Clarke was still a pinnacle part of every episode. Everything pointed to Clarke....Finn and Clarke.....Raven being jealous of Clarke.....Jasper and Monte talking about Clarke.....Clarke being the overall leader of the Sky People! Which is ridiculous!!! Everything is connected to an 18 year old.

Apparently the leader of the Grounders Lexa only trusts Clarke. I still don't know why. But it was weak. This really should of been Octavias role. She and Lincoln at least have the connection to the Grounders. It would of made more sense. Also it would of given them more screentime. But of course it's about Clarke.

Octavia and Lincoln should of got a more prominent role with Lexa.

As for Clarke being the overall leader of the Sky People! I just really gave up. Are you seriously telling me that she is the best suited leader of the Sky People? The adults are leaders for a reason regardless of the time on Earth. Marcus should of been leader which again would of given him more screentime. But no Clarke is Superwoman. She is blameless in everything she does, after a while people eventually forgive her but not Murphy. She can make mistakes as leader but not Bellamy (as to why he has been relegated). She can grieve for Finn but not Raven (who must be professional and help the Sky People). Yes Clarke Griffin is one of a kind.


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