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The San Diego Comic-Con is done and dusted for another 12 months, but before we pack away our lightsabers, remove the Captain Marvel body paint and prepare to return to the mundanity of our everyday lives, let's take a moment to reflect on what has been a weekend packed full of explosive trailers, swearing superheroes and an epic concert in an amphitheater far, far away (well, just behind Hall H if you want to be picky).

Here are the 21 best things to happen at the SDCC 2015!

21. This photo giving us a glimpse of a Harry Potter-Doctor Who-Game of Thrones crossover we didn't even know we wanted:

All men must die... but most wizards should probably be fine.

20. When Zack Snyder rolled up to the SDCC in the Batmobile like it ain't even a thing:

Clearly it's had some repairs since Superman decided to turn it into a soft top. But more on that later.

19. The Ash vs. The Evil Dead trailer, which made us all realize how much we need Bruce Campbell in our lives:


18. American Ultra winning this and any future Comic-Cons by giving out free weed to promote the movie:

I think I might have enrolled in the American Ultra Program, but I'm having a hard time remembering... I seem to recall killing some goon... with a spoon.

17. The first trailer for Fear the Walking Dead, which promises to be dark, brutal and uncompromising:

Also, there will be loads of zombies! I mean walkers - or will they be joggers? I guess we'll find out in August.

16. This selfie from the Fox panel which broke the record for the most superheroes to ever congregate on a Saturday evening:

And mercifully, not a Kardashian in sight.

15. Heroes Reborn making us all giddy with excitement and reminding us why we loved the show in the first place:

And the super-cool, katana-wielding Hiro is back!

14. Whoever fronted up and spent their rainy-day fund on this collector's item:

Was that you, Mr. Cage?

13. Hunger Games dropping this trailer, and immediately making us want to join the rebellion. And then listen to the Pet Shop Boys, of course:

War is coming.

12. This guy:

Cosplay, uh, found a way.

11. The Walking Dead dropping the Season 6 trailer:

And then casually revealing the season premiere will be 90 minutes long!

10. X-Men: Apocalypse bringing some sweet footage and giving us our first glimpse of the big bad, despite the movie still being in the early stages of production:

9. And following that up by confirming the upcoming Wolverine movie will be based on 'Old Man Logan':

Although presumably it'll be more intense than this.

8. Harrison Ford making his first public appearance since his leg had an argument with the Millennium Falcon door:

And then getting goosebumps when seeing Luke, Leia and Han all on stage together again.

7. Warner Bros. revealing that the new Green Lantern movie will be called Green Lantern Corps:

Meaning we could get simultaneous Green Lanterns and, in the process, potentially make Tyrese Gibson the happiest person in the world (go on WB, give him the gig!).

6. This epic Dubsmash war between Agent Carter and S.H.I.E.L.D.:

Whose side are you on?

5. Suicide Squad sending the audience crazy with the first look at the anti-hero ensemble:

"I'm not going to kill you, I'm just going to hurt you really, really badly."

4 - Followed by Batman vs. Superman dropping footage that brought the house down:

In fact, it was so good they played it twice!

3. Our first glimpse of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman:

Confirming what many of us had hoped all along: she's going to kick some serious ass.

2. Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds basically being one and the same:

And then the Merc with the Mouth calling Colossus "a big chrome c**k-gobbler" in the trailer.

1. And finally J.J. Abrams collectively blowing the minds of all those gathered in Hall H by casually inviting the entire audience out to the back for a glorious concert, complete with free lightsabers and John Boyega being as big a fanboy as us:

This was the panel we were looking for.

Thank you San Diego Comic-Con 2015! It's been emotional. Now I really need to go lay down...


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