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The list goes on but after 2K16, the new universe will crush the box offices like never before and I am pretty sure about it : ASSASSIN'S CREED.

The casting is rolling the story is being laid. Many say its about Ezio but my Idea about the universe is the same as of all my brothers out there: movie in the same order as that of the series.

1. [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814): Honor

As the title suggests, its definitely about Altair Ibn La Ahad. The game was orginally released in 2007. So ther wasn't much of a story but the theme was excellent. The Third crusade(1100s), The actual templar Knights, Historical and holly lands like Jerusalem alone would make a decent movie to watch like Walter Mitty. But for the movie the story can be twisted cropped or expanded.

The movie can begin with the discovery of animus by abstergo, kidnapping of Desmond, and starting his sync with help of Lucy, searching for the Apple. It can be set in 2011 or 2012.

Failure of Atair to prevent de Sable aquiring the arc, His demotion to Novice and the task of assassinating the ten(nine), can be the main focus. The templars can be reduced to three or four but including Sable and Mualim.The scope for a love story too exists (only disclosed in the game series From AC2 onwards).

Movie ends with Desmond realising that Abstergo are the modern templars and about the bleeding effect. He reads the messages of subject 16 and realises that the whole world is in danger.

2. Assassin's Creed: Revenge

This will be exciting Since the Ezio trilogy being the most successul games of AC.

The movie(mid 2012) begins with Desmond escaping from Abstergo with Lucy, Meeting with Shawn and Rebecca, plugging into their own version of animus.

Set in the iconic locations of Venice, Florence, Rome and Vatican during the renaissance(1400s) AC Revenge will be stunning and awesome. With a complex and gripping storyline in hand the movie will definately cross 8 in Imdb. Conspiracy, and execution of his father and Brothers forces Ezio Auditore da Firenze to be an assassin hunting down those responsible and an enemy who is mightier than the mightiest. The climax at Vatican reveals about the end of the world, and the temple created by the first civilization. AC Brotherhood can be contensed and Revelations ignored by twisting the story line.

If not planning for a trilogy, Rev can be made a seprate movie set in Turkey.

Movie ends with desmond stabbing Lucy under the influence of Minerva.

3. Assassin's Creed: Freedom

Freedom(late2012) begins with the arrival of Desmond's father and his journey to find the key to open the temple hidden by his ancestor.

Set during the British invasion on US (late 1700s), the land of mohawks filled with grizzlys and wolves forms the plot for an extremely R rated movie with swinging tomahawk and blood flowing like river. Ratohnhaketon aka Connor will provide a perfect ending for the saga with iconic timelines like the battle of Bunker Hill, Boston tea party Etc. His relationship with his mendor Achillies, George Washington can provide adequate storyline for the movie.

Key is found, temple opened on 26/12/12 and Desmond sacrifice his life to save the world. Juno can be avoided if not planning to extend the series.

AC BF and Unity won't have much for a movie .Hope Syndicate does.........

'Indians already have a modern day assassin's creed movie check it out:'


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