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There are two things that I love the most: superheroes and writing. And it's great whenever I do something that involves both.
Wyatt Smith

Choice 1

The scene starts as we begin in a dark room, and we see The Joker sitting very impatiently. He starts to twiddle his thumbs and tap his feet.

Joker: "Ugh, when is this thing gonna start?" (He then pulls out a pocket watch from his green vest.)

We hear guards yelling and gunshots on the other side of the door with a puzzled Joker trying to figure out what's happening. We then hear the door open and hear a voice.

Voice: "TA DA!" "Introducing the one, the only, and the newly-improved Harley Quinn!"

Joker: "Wow!" "Very excellent my dear!" "Simply gorgeous!" "And stunning."

Harley Quinn: "Well, I'm doin' it for you, Mr.J!" "Let's hurry up now, ya don't wanna hunt Bat-brains down alone!"

The scene ends as they both walk off laughing.

Choice 2

We begin the scene with a woman walking as she approaches a receptionist's desk.

Receptionist: "Hello, Mr. Luthor will see you shortly."

As we see Amanda Waller getting ready to sit on a chair, the receptionist calls her name.

Receptionist: "Mr. Luthor is ready for you in his office."

We don't see Waller's face during the whole time until she arrives in Lex Luthor's office.

Lex Luthor: "Good morning Amanda." "What brings you here today?"

Amanda Waller: "Well, Lex." "I came with a little proposition."

Lex: "And what would that be?"

Amanda: "I'll give you half of the Kryptonite rock specimens we've collected so far." "And you'll build weapons for a team I'm putting together."

Lex: "And do I get to play a part in this little squad?"

Amanda: "Yes Lex, yes you do."


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