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With The Flash Season 2 coming back October 6th on CW, the new teaser trailer has got us all excited and asking questions. Towards the end of the 5 minute season recap video CW released through Youtube, we hear different characters' voices over a clip of a blue speedster running throughout Central City. I'm sure everyone is wondering,"Who is he?!" From the sound bits that we hear, it sounds like our scarlet speedster has saved the day with some help from Jay Garrick. (I know Barry is fast, but I'm sure he will get some help from Jay who we hear in the teaser.)

What is also interesting is the dark tone of it all. The timeline is surely altered and it seems like everyone has had to deal with the aftermath of the singularity. People are thinking that the blue streak is either Cobalt Blue or Zoom (Hunter Zoloman), but I actually think it is Barry. Barry Allen from the future that is. We are heading towards some spoiler territory so click away now if you have to. Check out this video to hear my reaction. Continue down below if you wish to keep reading.

In The Flash Annual Vol 4 Issue 3 titled "Slip" we see future Barry (who now dons a very cool blue suit and lightning, similar to the one in the teaser) trying to correct another tragic event. To sum up a pretty lengthy story: Barry was not fast enough to save Wally West from dying in a car crash and Iris was injured as well. His future self was not able to forgive himself, so he went back to try and save Wally. Present day Flash has just come into contact with Wally, who is actually a bit of a trouble maker. Iris also asks Barry to take him under his wing as he needs a positive role model in his life. What makes things worse is that he idolizes Daniel West who would later pick up the identity of the Reverse-Flash, but that's for another time. This story arc is interesting in the fact that Barry is trying to right the wrongs on two different ends and though we see him butt heads with villains like Grodd, Knox and the Crime Syndicate, it seems like the biggest foe he has to face is himself. As this storyline progresses we get to the confrontation between the future and present Barry and it's pretty darn amazing.

Now getting back to the trailer. Barry starts off by saying,"It just feels like every time I win, I still lose." Iris says," My mother used to say the universe doesn't give without taking." Then another voice who I can only assume is Zoom tells Barry he will give him what he wants the most, but knows that it won't be enough, and that he always wins. Caitlin tells Cisco that she isn't coming back. Maybe some Killer Frost coming to a tv near you! We continue with Barry saying that he feels like he made a mistake and that he should have saved his mom. Jay Garrick introduces himself and says," Your world is in danger." Then the creepy Zoom says," We were never enemies Barry, I'm not the thing you hate." Finally Iris ends the video with,"Run Barry, run."

If my theory on the blue speedster being Barry from the future is correct, then it would be an amazing opportunity to see the future Flash played by John Wesley Shipp. The man has played a blue speedster named Pollux during his run as The Flash and does a great job being Henry Allen.

Though the clip may not seem like a lot to go with, the narration paired with the seeming mysterious blue speedster, will make any crazy Flash fan create a theory just like I did. Do you think Season 2 will take a story arc similar to this one or are they just throwing us off and making us believe in the hype? What is also interesting is the lack of Joe West in the voice over. It seems in this alternate reality, things aren't looking too great for anybody. With that being said I'm sure next season will be as epic as this teaser. Who do you guys think the blue speedster is? What are your theories for Season 2 of The Flash? Leave them in the comments below, we'd love to hear them!


Who do you think the Blue Speedster is?


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