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This is the final part of my Comic-Con 2015 article ! As promised, I'll treat everything we learned about the upcoming [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021).

Brandon Routh perfectly resumed the spirit of the superhero team-up show:

"We get to make silly things look awesome!"

Introduction In Arrow & The Flash

The first episodes of Arrow Season 4 & The Flash Season 2 will be "table-setting" for Legends Of Tomorrow. Those episodes will be the opportunity to introduce important characters and establishing plots points for the team-up show. But I'll talk more about that later.

Likewise, the end-of-year Arrow/The Flash crossover will also draw the issues of Legends Of Tomorrow.

White Canary/The Atom

Like I said, some plots points we'll be resolved before the beginning of Legends Of Tomorrow. Ray and Sara are for now, apparently dead. We know of course that it's not the case. At least for Ray.

Ray Palmer is still alive but he's just very little. EP Wendy Mericle dropped during a live at IGN that Felicity would be the one to understand what happened to him and find a way to bring him back.

This will probably happen in the first nine episodes before midseason. I think Ray will find a way to warn Team Arrow that he is still alive.

Brandon Routh said that Ray is going to be "gun-ho" about leading the team like he always do, but won't really be successful at it.

In Sara's case, it's already established that she will be resurrected by the Lazarus Pit. The advent of Malcolm Merlyn as the new Ra's-Al-Ghul will certainly facilitate Sara's return. The why stay nevertheless a mystery.

Also, Caity Lotz teased that the revived Sara won't be the same we knew:

"I want her to go nuts, off the rocker." "She's not afraid to die, she has died multiple times."

Going into the Lazarus Pits is not without consequences. Sara will become reckless in battle and could potentially become a threat for the team. I have to say, I'd really love to see a more impulsive Sara, completely different from the one we knew.


Hawkman will be a part of the show ! I can't say that it's a real surprise because of Hawkgirl. But I think that I wasn't expecting him to show up this year. He won't be a big part of the team, at least for now. They could just introduce him a bit maybe at the end of the first season of Legends Of Tomorrow.

Vandal Savage

As the big villain, Vandal Savage will be a big presence in the show. No one has been cast yet, but knowing that the shooting start in september, we'll know his identity pretty soon.

The team will go up against Vandal Savage in different places and various periods of time, battles through history affecting one another.

Each actions of the team will have repercussions, not only in one timeline but multiple timelines. Marc Guggenheim also teased something really interesting:

"The team will go to not just incredible places, but incredible moments of the DC universe."

I don't really know what to think about that. Could the show revisite importants events we saw in the comics ? If it's the case, I'm really hyped to see where this lead !

This is the end of my three part-article ! Thank you for reading ! Tell me what you think below and don't forget to check my page for any new article !

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