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[DC](tag:932255) is terrible! Not the city, which I happen to live in, although traffic is indeed terrible. I'm talking about the pile of garbage known as the [DC Cinematic Universe](tag:1096554). After Christopher Nolan made three terrific Batman movies, he decided to turn over the keys of the DC universe to Zack Snyder. Now we have Jesse Eisenberg and his luscious locks playing Lex Luther, Ben Batfleck giving us flashbacks to the awful Daredevil film, and Gal Godot, the acting equivalent to a slice of white bread, taking on the role of [Wonder Woman](tag:45787). Oh, and did I mention Marvel just finished up phase 2 of their non-stop blockbuster movies with [Ant-Man](tag:9048)! You know, the superhero movies that are all superior to DC's solo movie [Man of Steel](tag:15593).

Okay, have I gotten everybody sufficiently fired up? Great! Because I'm not talking about DC being doomed at the hands of its competitor Marvel. In fact, I think DC is actually genius for not falling into the trap Marvel so blatantly laid out for them. They could have panicked. They could have thrown Batman vs Superman at us on it's originally scheduled release date, or pushed for faster development of [Suicide Squad](tag:2283363), but no! They are taking their time and so far it looks like it's working. Ben Affleck is looking great as "old Batman" and Gal Gadot is looking amazing as Wonder Woman. I'm even fine with Jessie Eisenberg and his hair. When I say "DC is Doomed" I'm talking about a famous villain that may be appearing in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). DOOMSDAY!

It has been rumored for quite a while now that Doomsday will make an appearance in Batman vs Superman and judging by the trailer that was recently released I think that it may very well be true! Here are four moments from the trailer that lead me to believe Doomsday is coming.

1) Zod in a Body Bag

The first clue we get is this scene where Zod is in a body bag and will presumably end up in the hands of the film's main antagonist: Lex Luther. It's rumored Doomsday will be created by Lexcorp from their experiments on Zod, so this presents the first hint at the villain.

2) Lexcorp in Shambles

Later in the trailer we see bullet cases are spread out all over the floor of Lexcorp and some men are down. Rumor has it that Lex has [Aquaman](tag:264237) locked up somewhere, so this could very well be Jason Momoa's character making his entrance onto the big screen and into our hearts. Or, you know, it could be DOOMSDAY! But it's obviously all speculation at this point.

3) Wonder Woman in Battle

Next we have this scene where [Wonder Woman](tag:45787) is fighting someone. Is she backing up Batman in his struggle with Superman? Or is it possible she is fighting someone else entirely? Perhaps... DOOMSDAY! After all, this movie isn't called Batman and Wonder Woman vs Superman.

4) Batman is Nearly Murdered

Lastly, we have this scene where batman is grappling away from heat vision just before the beam obliterates the building he hung from. This leads me to believe either Superman is either a cold blooded killer (which he kind of is), or the heat vision is coming from a third party. Presumably DOOMSDAY!


It has been rumored that all DC movies will end in massive cliff hangers, the way that all Marvel movies end with an after credit scene. If this is true, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice could end with the five heroes that are confirmed to be in the movie, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and Cyborg (and perhaps the Flash) all fighting someone... and I'm going out on a limb here and guessing it won't be Luther and his mane of hair. This could be none other than DOOMSDAY! And you want a real cliff hanger? How about the Man of Steel gets murdered by the guy who's claim to fame is killing Superman in the comics. Credits role and you have to wait a year to find out what happens next. It would make a lot of sense when Supes is resurrected due to the not-so-subtle Jesus references made in Man of Steel and again in the Batman V. Superman trailer.

Moral of the story is not everything has to be Marvel vs. DC! You are allowed to like both! Or even hate both! We're in the golden age of superhero movies, so let's just enjoy it!



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