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We've reflected a lot on Pixar Movies' filmography as well as the saddest moments, but we haven't talked about the studio's villains. I have discussed the best Disney villains but I excluded Pixar from the list because I was planning on doing this post at some point.

Unlike other lists I have done, this one is in specific order from least to greatest but just because a villain is at the bottom of the list doesn't mean they are bad. They just got outdone by another character.

Think I forgot something? Let me know in the comments section! Just do us all a favor and keep the comments clean and respectful. We are talking about kids movies, after all.

13. Emperor Zurg - Toy Story 2

Zurg had been built up to be a big baddie ever since Toy Story debuted in 1995 as he was the original nemesis of Buzz Lightyear. However, as revealed in Toy Story 2 he was more of a softie than a bad villain and didn't really reach full potential within the Toy Story films. To say it was a disappointment is putting it lightly.

12. Chick Hicks - Cars

More of a plain old jerk rather than an evil villain, Chick is still worth mentioning. Notorious for almost always coming in second place, Chick displays his jealousy and arrogance through cheap shots and cheating as he attempts to crash Lightning McQueen out of the Piston Cup race.

11. Chef Skinner - Ratatouille


Chef Skinner is a classic power hungry short man trying to make up for something. After famous Chef Gusteau passes away, Skinner becomes the default owner of the restaurant and after waiting almost the full two years with no heir to claim the legacy he is removed from his position of power after an heir is confirmed. Skinner is rather harmless when it comes down to it, but denial and jealousy after losing his potential fortune drives him to the brink of insanity as he believes there are rats in the kitchen.

10. Henry J. Waternoose III - Monsters, Inc.

As a secondary antagonist, Mr. Waternoose was still pretty intimidating because he was definitely more of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Believing the entire time that the main villain, Randall, was behind the scream shortage you find out the scheme went even higher up to management with Waternoose. His power and greed led him to the brink of kidnapping children to support Monstropolis instead of finding a logical solution to the energy crisis.

9. Stinky Pete the Prospector - Toy Story 2

After spending his entire existence in the box, this collectors item seems cute and nice at first but he later proves himself to be a manipulative and dangerous antagonist. Pete attempts to keep Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye captive so the entire collection of them could be sold together and spend their remaining days locked away in a museum instead of eventually being played to death by children. Pretty dark, eh?

8. Charles F. Muntz - Up

This childhood hero of Carl and Ellie was another deeply evil villain disguised as a kind, warm man. An avid inventor and explorer, he had been on the hunt to capture a rare bird in Paradise Falls to prove that his early 1900's discovery wasn't falsified but his years trying to capture the bird led to him becoming more paranoid, manipulative, greedy, and hateful. His mania comes to its climax as he is willing to destroy anything, including Russell, on his quest to prove his discovery.

7. Hopper - A Bug's Life

Easily one of the more ruthless and violent villains in Pixar's history, we are introduced to Hopper as he is set on controlling the ant colony. What makes Hopper so intimidating is the way that he understands his enemies. He knows the grasshoppers are stronger than the ants, but he also doesn't underestimate their strength in numbers. His overall plan to have the ants collect an abundance of food for him and his fellow grasshoppers and then destroying the colony is a pretty terrifying plot for a kids movie. You have to admit that one.

6. Darla - Finding Nemo

The fact that the theme from Psycho plays when Darla is first introduced should tell you all you need to know, but this young niece of the dentist is no picnic. A notorious bag shaker, she is known for "accidentally" killing her gifts and for not understanding the limits of her aquatic fascinations. I mean come on, she almost kills Nemo.

5. Auto - WALL-E

Auto is overlooked a lot of the time and I think it's because he is a robot. In charge of the Axiom space vessel, Auto is responsible for working directly with the Captain but it isn't until WALL-E transports proof that Earth is sustainable that Auto takes his power to a new level and attempts everything from assassination to destroying the vessel altogether to prevent the humans from returning to Earth.

4. Randall Boggs - Monsters, Inc.

There's no denying that Randall is one of the best villains Pixar has ever created. Not only is he voiced by Steve Buscemi, but he is incredibly jealous of Sulley's scare success and has been aiding in a plan to kidnap children to fix Monstropolis' scream shortage. Randall tries just about everything to rid Monsters, Inc. from Mike and Sulley and to use Boo for his evil plan. The scary part is the fact that he doesn't seem to have any sort of conscience at all.

3. Lotso (aka, Lots-O-Huggin' Bear) - Toy Story 3

Lotso is one of those villains that is seemingly nice and welcoming at first, but in no time at all you discover he is a manipulative and controlling dictator of Sunnyside Daycare that sacrifices newly donated toys for the sake of his own comfort and safety. He also has a trained group of goons to severely hurt or dispose of toys that attempt to escape the horrors toys are subject to while inside the daycare. Lotso's own background of abandonment and replacement was also handled very differently than previous Toy Story characters and was meant to make you dislike him even more instead of feel sympathy.

2. Sid Phillips - Toy Story

You really can't beat the original as far as Toy Story goes. Andy's ex-neighbor Sid is probably one of the most recognized antagonists in Pixar's filmography. Well known for being cruel and violent towards toys, he regularly explodes and disfigures them or allows his dog, Scud, to do it for him. In a nutshell, Sid is the type of kid your parents didn't want you hanging around. The silver lining to his demented actions is when he is scared straight after Woody devises a plan to allow him to know the toys are alive.

1. Syndrome (aka, Buddy Pine) - The Incredibles

Although The Incredibles is nowhere near my favorite Pixar film, it did deliver us the best villain. Syndrome is a villain that is fueled by jealousy, abandonment, rejection, and an overall lust for power. Syndrome was essentially a mega fanboy of Mr. Incredible and after endangering the life of his hero and several other citizens, he is rejected and embarrassed after Mr. Incredible turns him over to the police and instructs them to inform his mother of his actions. He rises to become an evil genius and weapons designer in an attempt to get even and defeat his former idol.

Syndrome's overall disregard for humanity and anything in the path of his rage is what lands him the #1 slot on this list. No other Pixar villain was able to display these qualities to the extent that was displayed in The Incredibles.

Honorable Mentions

P. Sherman, DDS - Finding Nemo

Roar Omega Roar - Monsters University

Al - Toy Story 2

Mor'du - Brave

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