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Sam Stapleton
...e first film would be dead by the time phase 6 finished. There is no way the cast would sign on to that many films. Those are just flaws in the making of the films There are far too many, most with repeated plots and far too many characters. Wasting time on alternate reality whilst the core plot is forgotten, 3 films that are basically the same thing (Batman, Batman Origin and Batman Year one) the introduction to robin is far too contrives, there is no way the first three would all be met and the child of an unmentioned character somehow teased, whilst neglecting the 4th robin. Joker is captured or killed far too many times, and focused on too much, leaving the overcrowded villain cast to be underdeveloped and forgotten. Also, the timeline relies far too much on "time travel glitches" to bring characters back just for more ridiculous films. There is not enough original material, superhero films should build on the universe created in comics,giving fresh surprises and not recreating favorites page by page to get slagged of by mega fanboys for having someone's top the wrong colour. The article itself is sloppy, with most plot details left for us to imagine and no detail of the overall development or recurring themes, and constant misspellings of staple words such as Nightwing. Moviepilot has the potential to be a great site, but is often let down by poor writers. That said, I thoroughly enjoy other articles, this is not a rant at the site.

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